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By Kate Dore

January, 2015

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Photo Credit: Matthias Ripp via Compfight cc Ever since Matt Cutts, head honcho of Google’s Web spam team, announced one year ago this month that Facebook and Twitter signals are not part of the search engine’s ranking algorithm, digital marketers have publicly expressed a collective “WTF?” regarding social media’s impact on driving organic SEO. While […]

Must have WordPress Plugins
By Jon Henshaw

January, 2015

8 Must Have WordPress Plugins

When it comes to WordPress, I like to use as few plugins as possible. As WordPress has improved, I’ve been able to drop many of the plugins I’ve used. However, the number of plugins I continue to use and recommend has actually stayed about the same. That’s because each new year brings new vulnerabilities and […]

Social Media Tree
By Nicolette Beard

January, 2015

Taking Social Media By Storm

When I lived in Southwest Florida, a company named Storm Force sponsored a number of concerts and events during “season.” With that area being prone to hurricanes, their name was apt. While Middle Tennessee has never seen a hurricane, we are prone to tornadoes. And, while Raven HQ has never been hit by a tornado, we have […]

Undercover Boss Logo
By Nicolette Beard

December, 2014

How 1,400 Franchisees Measure Success With Raven

In-house team increases leads 12.38% in just two months Five of The Dwyer Group brands – Aire Serv, Glass Doctor, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Electric and Mr. Rooter – have been awarded Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” status. In fact, Dina Dwyer-Owens, chairwoman and former CEO, was featured on Undercover Boss in 2012. With nearly 1,400 franchisees, […]

Boxer in the Ring
By Arundhati Sriraman

December, 2014

6 Winning PPC Tactics

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is challenging for beginners and can still be capricious for veterans of the trade. Naturally, an abundance of resources, PPC tips, and guides have been written to aid the hopeful PPC disciple on their path to mastery. In this piece, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of six PPC tactics so you can […]

Curated Content
By Nicolette Beard

December, 2014

Is Content Curation Dead?

Content curation has been around a long time. The best curated content relies on the editorial oversight of a subject matter expert (SME). This person (or team) has the ability to sift through reams of resources to find that one hidden gem which, when added to the compilation, will educate, inform, inspire and, maybe, even […]

Flock of Ravens
By Jon Henshaw

December, 2014

Expect a New Kind of Raven in 2015

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by here at Raven. Raven is now 8-years-old, which I believe in Internet years is somewhere between 62 to 81. Before I jump into what to expect from Raven in 2015, I want to recap the productive year we had in 2014. A look back at Raven […]

Colorful Postal Boxes
By Ivan Serrano

December, 2014

Using Google Plus Post Ads To Promote Content

Did you know Google+ now allows users to promote their content through Google+ Post ads? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build brand awareness through Google+. Earlier in 2014, Google+ rolled out Google+ Post ads. Basically, Google+ Post ads run through the Google Display ad network and allow users to promote […]

Hamburger Buns
By Casey Meehan

December, 2014

8 Ways to Bake Newsworthiness Into a B2B Business

Building a newsworthy business is the best thing a business owner can do. Baking newsworthiness into your business lines up a whole slew of benefits that do everything from mobilizing your potential customers to boosting your SEO. Being newsworthy inherently means your business is almost always on someone’s mind, and as such your business is […]

By Arienne Holland

November, 2014

How To Create Content Publishers Love: A Q&A With Kelsey Libert

No matter what you call it — link building, content promotion, blogger outreach, relationship building, content outreach — getting online publishers to pay attention to your pitches is harder than ever. Kelsey Libert knows exactly what types of content online publishers want most. We ask her advice for executing content campaigns that succeed.

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