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AuthorityLabs Reporting in Raven
By Nathan T. Baker

February, 2016

Import AuthorityLabs Rankings into Raven Reports

This year we’re putting the Lean Startup approach into full effect and it will be on full display when we launch our new standalone Site Auditor in a couple of months. However, it can also be seen now through updates we’ve been making to the current suite. For example, in the past few months we’ve released […]

search analytics reports
By Kate Dore

December, 2015

Google Search Analytics Reporting Tool Now Available in Raven

It’s never easy to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes. Luckily, Google Search Console (AKA Webmaster Tools) gives us a look at how they see our sites. As marketers, we need to see how users are finding and engaging with our sites through organic searches. And at Raven, we’re always looking for more ways […]

Site Auditor Crawl Rate
By Tamara Scott

November, 2015

Raven’s SEO Website Auditor Now Crawls Up to 10,000 Pages Per Site

Site Auditor’s Upgrade Makes You a Superhero SEO Site Auditor has been a major focus at Raven, and for good reason. Site Auditor has crawled and recrawled hundreds of millions of pages and has discovered billions of SEO issues. These kinds of numbers deserve attention. So, we’re happy to announce that Raven has rebuilt Site Auditor’s crawlers […]

prospect marketing report
By Lance Conzett

November, 2015

How to Create a Gorgeous Marketing Report for a Prospect in 15 Minutes

Raven’s Report Builder opens up an entire world of possibilities when it comes to reporting. Most people use reports as a recurring status update on active marketing campaigns, but reports can be used for so much more than that. For example, what if your goal were to acquire new business? Try creating a prospect report […]

Scary Boss
By Nathan T. Baker

October, 2015

The 4 Scariest Places Your Boss Could Show Up

This Halloween, our team had a thought exercise. What if one of our bosses wasn’t their normal, awesome self? What if Jon Henshaw ate some mysterious Halloween candy and transformed into the scariest boss ever? In that scenario, he might make unreasonable demands, or not respect traditional boundaries. This Halloween, we give you a look into this dystopian, alternate universe. […]

clients see marketing as magic
By Lance Conzett

October, 2015

How to Report on Conversions: A Step-By-Step Guide

At the end of the day, the most important metric for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns is conversions. That could mean anything from driving traffic to your client’s website, pushing sales or increasing sign-ups for newsletter and blog subscribers.

Raven UX Team Meeting
By Emily Sapp

October, 2015

How Raven’s UX Team Brings Your Ideas to Life

In early 2015, Raven formed its first official User Experience (UX) department. R&D (research and development) has always been a part of Raven’s process but, for the first time ever, we are putting forth a concentrated effort into understanding the needs of our evolving customer base.

Raven's Data Import Tool
By Tamara Scott

October, 2015

Data Import Tool: Bring all your data into Raven Reports

Here at Raven we pride ourselves on listening to you and giving you the tools you need to give your clients the best possible reports. As Jon said in his Status Report, we spent a significant portion of the last couple of months gauging our customers’ needs through data analysis and direct feedback. One of the most exciting results of this has been a simple but powerful tool: the Data Import Tool.

dog with raven
By Jon Henshaw

October, 2015

Changing on the Inside So We Can Change on the Outside – A Raven Status Report

On the outside, it probably looks like it’s been a quiet year for Raven. However, internally the opposite has been true. At the beginning of 2015 we made some radical, long-term changes. The most significant change had to do with how we create and maintain Raven. The methodology we were using up to that point […]

Nightmare Reporting
By Nicolette Beard

July, 2015

How One Agency Turned a Reporting Nightmare Into a Dream

SEO 24/7 incorporated Raven tools into their reporting arsenal to gain automated reports that are easy to use and accurate. “The biggest selling point was the assurance of accurate reporting.” Aaron Crewe, Managing Director, U.K.-based agency, SEO 24/7 SEO 24/7 was having problems with the often unreliable and inaccurate marketing reports they were receiving from […]

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