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Identify any URL or domain's top ranking keywords and give yourself a huge keyword research shortcut.

Instantly Identify Ranking Keywords for Any Domain

Keyword research is massively easier when you can identify what other competitors have already targeted. Give your keyword research a massive boost by immediately getting actionable intelligence on the competition. Whether you are scouting the competition or picking up a new client, or just doing a mass rankings check up for one of your sites, the keyword rank checker is a powerful tool in your SEO tool box.

When you select a domain, you’ll get the following data points:



Global Search Volume

Estimated Traffic


Traffic Cost

SERP Features

616 Million SERPs collected monthly.

1.4 Billion keywords in the database.

Apply a Wide Range of Filters to Keyword Checker’s results

Select 100 results or 1000 results and apply filters to surface the data you want to see.

Raven’s flexible filtering system allows you to filter based on things like keyword position, search volume, specific keyword, traffic cost, CPC, and more.

Identify Keyword Clusters and Research Keyword Rank for a Single Page

Keyword clusters are groupings of keywords that have high degrees of semantic relevance. Without a tool to tell you what's missing, you won’t know whether or not you’re missing powerful keywords in your content that can boost your ability to rank.

Seamless Integration With Every Related Tool

The Keyword Rank Checker is automatically integrated into three other powerful Raven Keyword Tools: Keyword Manager, SERP Rank Tracker, and Research Central, which adds to the power of Keyword Rank Checker.

How to Best Use The Keyword Rank Checker Tool

The rank checker tool is designed to elevate an SEOs keyword research abilities. We’ve written our keyword research blog post for those looking for an in-depth breakdown, in summary, the keyword rank checker is best used to identify:

Low hanging fruit for on-page SEO. If you’re ranking in the top 15 spots, you’re super close to getting some meaningful traffic for your keyword. Many times a client or a content manager will be unaware of the full range of ranking keywords for their website. Low hanging fruit is important to grab because it will help bring relevant traffic for your more difficult keyword targets, and traffic triggers ranking signals.

Keyword clusters. You’ll be able to create better power pages or you can go the route of creating several pages that are all working in tandem to form keyword relevancy. The more you can theme your site, the better, and keyword clusters are perfect for this.

Competitor Research. Knowing the topics your competitors are covering to get website traffic is incredibly valuable. Knowing the exact URL, traffic cost, keyword position, search volume, and estimated traffic is the cherry on top.

Niche Research. If you’re trying to understand a niche before you dive in with an affiliate project, then keyword checking dominant authority domains in the niche is perfect to grasp the viability of a niche.

Give the tool a try and see how easy keyword research can be, especially when you combine it with our keyword suggestion tool, our Google Keyword Planner API, and our data from Moz, Majestic, IBM Watson, Calais, and Data for SEO.

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