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Description/Service Start Grow Thrive Lead
Annual Price (billed monthly)





Monthly Price $109 $199 $299 $479
Domains/Campaigns 20 80 160 Unlimited
Users 4 8 20 Unlimited
Monthly Page Crawls (< 10K pages/site) 400K 2 Million 5 Million 7 Million
White Label Branded Reports, Emails, Subdomain Everything in Start + Domain, Dashboards, Login Page
Backlink Research Reports 40 included, each additional $1 Unlimited
Site Finder SEO Competitor Research Reports 20 included, each additional $2 Unlimited
Scribe SEO Content Audits 20 included, each additional $0.27 50 included, each additional $0.27
Stored Links 50,000 included, each additional $0.002 150,000 included, each additional $0.001
Monitored Links 25,000 included, each additional $0.005 100,000 included, each additional $0.004

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How does Raven compare?

Our website auditor is simple and easy.

You and your clients will understand what's wrong — and what's right — immediately. Why comb through thousands of spreadsheet rows when Raven highlights the biggest issues at a glance? Plus, you get specific instructions about what to fix. Then you can compare your progress over time.

Our reports are the most impressive your clients will ever see.

Think about it — how many agencies deliver unique web pages to their clients to report monthly results? You’ll stand out from your competition, and you’ll be memorable.

Unlimited websites. Unlimited social accounts. Unlimited reports. Unlimited clients.

And with Lead accounts, unlimited users, too. Seriously, who can beat that?

Free branded reports. Free read-only users. Free custom subdomain. Free branded custom email.

And from the Grow package, you can get a custom domain and pretend Raven is 100% yours. Your clients will never know the difference.

We pay for Moz and Majestic data so you don’t have to.

Raven’s SEO tools tap directly into those powerful, trusted sources for keyword research, competitive analysis and link building. If you provide ranking reports, we use Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) data. Though you won’t get competitive ranking data, you do get to tell your clients exactly which keywords are creating value for their websites, straight from Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Raven cost?

Now you can get a discounted Annual Plan - and the billing is still monthly! The Start annual package costs $99 a month. Grow annual package costs $169 a month. Thrive annual package costs $249 a month and the Lead annual package costs $399 a month. Most Raven clients stay for multiple years, however if you would like a month-to-month package, the price is 10-20% higher, depending on the Package. Services, such as Textbroker, cost additional fees. You'll know and must agree to the cost in advance.

How do I start a Free Trial?

All Raven accounts start with a free, limited trial. When you're ready to upgrade to Start or any of the other packages, simply enter your credit card information in your account. At that moment, you'll be billed and immediately get full access to all of Raven.

How do I pay?

With a credit card. That's the only form of payment we accept. We don't accept PayPal or payments by check.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. If you choose the annual plan option, we will give you a 10-20% discount, depending on the Package. You will still be billed monthly. Incase you want to or your company or regulations require you to prepay, we can accept this too, please Email

Is there a contract?

If you pay month-to-month, you can change plans or cancel at anytime. If you choose the annual plan option, you get the discount, however you are signing up for an annual contract, as mentioned in the Terms of Service.

What happens if I cancel?

We do not offer refunds for partial months. We do store your data for 30 days in case you change your mind. Then we delete all of it for security reasons.

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