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Engaged Reader
By Jon Henshaw

July, 2014

The Best Way To Measure Reader Engagement

For most content and affiliate marketers, simply getting traffic to their site is not good enough. In fact, if users don’t engage with their content, then that traffic is essentially useless. The definition of engagement has changed slightly over the years. Early measurements of engagement focused on Bounce Rate and Pages per Session. However, those […]

marketing data sources for reporting
By Nathan T. Baker

July, 2014

Moz and Majestic Make Beautiful Babies Together

Beautiful people make beautiful babies. In the same way, a data mashup can be a beautiful thing when great data comes together from two sources. In Raven software, you’ll find data mashups around every corner, so we’re familiar with what makes a great one. First, a data mashup is great when there are high quality data sources […]

Link Building for Inbound Traffic
By Nicolette Beard

July, 2014

Link Building Tips To Amplify Your SEO

Raven’s link building tool has been a staple for SEOs and online marketers for years. I want to make the distinction between on-page SEO and off-page SEO because I think there’s a lot of confusion about what constitutes search engine optimization and would like to broaden the use of the term. Then we can talk about a few […]

Google Analytics eCommerce Data
By Raven Tools

July, 2014

Video: Google Analytics eCommerce Data Mini-Tutorial

Where do I find my eCommerce data in Raven’s Google Analytics section? Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics. Within Google Analytics, you will see tables. Of these tables, you can choose Table Content. Once you choose eCommerce, then the data in that table will be based on any eCommerce you have synced up within […]

Google Analytics Advanced Segments
By Heather Haley

July, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Advanced Segments Mini-Tutorial

Can I implement Advanced Segments from Google Analytics in Raven? As a matter of fact, yes you can! Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics. You’ll see a side menu within Google Analytics. Advanced Segments has its own drop down menu. GALaunch Videos-AdvSeg-Final The data in Advanced Segments are automatically populated from within Google Analytics. […]

Google Analytics Adwords Reports
By Heather Haley

July, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Adwords Reports Mini-Tutorial

Does Raven incorporate Google AdWords data into my Google Analytics data? As a matter of fact, it does. Go to the Campaign section, then navigate to Google Analytics and click on the AdWords link. By linking your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts, Raven software allows you to see the entire picture of customer behavior. From […]

Google Analytics Social Networks Reports
By Heather Haley

July, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Social Reports Mini-Tutorial

What kind of data about Social Networks can you find in the new Raven Google Analytics? Navigate to the Campaign section in the side menu, and click Google Analytics. Then scroll until you see the plus sign next to Social, and we’ll show you. GA Launch Videos- Social-Final First, you’ll see an overview. This is an overview of […]

WordPress Plugin Risk
By Jon Henshaw

The Risky Business of Using WordPress Plugins

One of the greatest things about WordPress is the ability to find a plugin for just about anything. In fact, their developer community is second to none when it comes to CMS add-ons. Since plugins are a big draw to the WordPress platform, it’s common for many site admins to add a lot of plugins […]

Google Analtytics Audience Segments
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Audience Segments Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven tell me about my website’s audience? Of course it can! With our new Google Analytics upgrade we can give you all kinds of information about the people visiting your website. Navigate to the Campaign section of the side menu, and select Google Analytics. Click on the plus sign next to the Audience section, and […]

By Tadeusz Szewczyk

How One-Page Websites Hurt You in Search & on Social Media

There’s a current Web design trend that’s disadvantageous to your overall success on the Web. It’s called one-page websites – sites that only have one page and instead of linking to internal pages, just scroll when you click on the navigation. Single-page websites are neither findable nor sharable, and the user experience of unexpected scrolling is […]

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