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Business Growth

Grow Your Business

Improve organic & paid traffic +conversions. Gain new customers. Increase your ability to retain clients.

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Satisfied Clients

Happy Clients and Execs

Impress clients and your boss with simple, yet, detailed KPI across multi channel campaigns.

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Beautiful SEO Client Reports

Beautiful Reports In No Time

Well designed graphs and charts and customizable widgets that allow you to surface any KPI. across hundreds of clients.

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Business Growth

Grow your Business:

Find Marketing Clients / Upsell Current Customers on SEO / Scale your Business

Up your digital marketing prospecting game with Raven Tools’s suite of tools.

Instantly create beautiful mobile friendly on-page error reports with our site auditor to quickly surface actionable issues for your agency’s potential clients.

Keyword Insights, Competitor Research, and Backlink Analysis -- All in one place.

Site Audit Tool Dashboard

Easily create a list of keywords with keyword data that relate to your prospects niche. Prove that SEO opportunity exists with valuable keyword insights.

Show your prospect a side-by-side comparison of their site’s against a list of their competitors. Show them where they’re missing out and where they excel.

Conduct backlink research and evaluate link profile issues for you to address. Spy on the competition and identify link building opportunities.

Best of all, white label all of the insights and send out a beautiful minimalist report.

Detailed Metrics Dashboard

Did I mention that you can provide a PDF file, PDF link, or HTML link for the prospective client? Proposals just got a lot easier.

Upsell your customer by demonstrating the value of your marketing services clearly.

And for those looking to scale, Raven Tools’s got that covered too. Raven Tools’s Start package offers 4x the campaigns and users from industry averages. With a link building CRM and task manager, you can even outsource a link builder or easily manage in-house marketers within the platform. Not to mention, Raven offers nearly unlimited use of just about every tool in the platform for the Lead package. Growing has never been so easy.

Satisfied Clients

Happy Clients and Execs:

For the marketer, perhaps the most difficult part about retention, is the fact that marketing data is so scattered that it makes it difficult to clearly communicate what it is you’re doing to your client, and if you are somehow able to achieve clear communication, you’ve spent the better part of a day making it happen.

Tools that work and tools that make clients happy aren’t necessarily one and the same. So when we built Raven, it was built for marketers and for their clients.

Aesthetic Reports are simple to make and easy to distribute. Automate, white label, and bring in any KPI from any tool and connection into one report. We’ve got the reporting widgets and their each customizable. Visualize with charts and graphs, and choose colors that pop to bring attention to specific key performance indicators.

Show progress with month over month comparisons on just about any tool. Easily customize date ranges or choose a preset range, and compare your client against their competition. Show them that not only are they growing, but they are beating the competition.

Affordability so you’re not forced to up your prices in order to pay for a suite of tools that costs you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. You can still pay for multiple tools, but you won’t need them. Raven offers all-in-one marketing tools and we’ve tried our best to make it as affordable as possible for any level of freelancer, agency, and in-house marketer.

Reports on anything whenever and wherever. Does the client want a mobile responsive report? How about a report every week on SEO progress? What about web traffic, site health, or just a peek at the competition? Templatize and automate everything. Reporting shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, and you’ll be able to do reporting on any device. You can even leave comments to unpack the data better.

Beautiful SEO Client Reports

Beautiful Reports in No Time:

End the reporting tedium, unify your data, and clearly visualize KPIs through standard templates or through templates you’ve designed yourself. Best of all, automate the entire process.

Bring in PPC + SEO + Call Tracking + Social + Email Marketing into one report.

Raven Tools Google Analytics Dashboard

Clearly demonstrate where the client is now and easily communicate the strategy to get your customer where they want to go.

End the reporting tedium. Bring in data from PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Call Tracking, and Socials into one well-crafted report.

With Raven Tools, you have the ability to surface precise KPIs across a plethora of marketing channels. When you can customize your widgets and drag and drop with ease, you’re enabled to make powerful minimalistic reports that convey more insights with less space.

Still want a big report? We have 25+ data connections, so feel free to use any of them and create in a fully white-labeled experience. Use a subdomain, a branded report, or a white-labeled URL. Share in PDF, in PDF links, or an HTML link.

Make clients happy, provide execs with the data they need in a format they want, and improve your ability to surface wins with flexible KPI reporting with custom charts and graphs on a multitude of data channels.

Trusted by thousands of agencies, in-house marketers, media companies, freelancers

What our users are saying

Customer Testimonial Corey Morris

Corey Morris

Vice President of Marketing, VOLTAGE

Our team at Voltage uses Raven Tools to visualize data and easily export and show results to our clients.

Customer Testimonial Travis Caldwell

Travis Caldwell

Marketing Director, Bear Group

Easier reporting tool that enables us to brand and generate reports with actionable insights for our clients.

Customer Testimonial Linda Bateman

Linda Bateman

GM, Vertical Rail

Raven Tools is one of those tools we absolutely couldn't live without.

Customer Testimonial Elaine Asumen

Elaine Asumen

True North Digital Marketing

I love it! It makes it so much easier to audit sites. It's very easy to understand and follow.

Customer Testimonial Ken Knorr

Ken Knorr

CEO, TH@T Company

Raven is by far the most superior and comprehensive toolset we found to date.

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