Automated Marketing Reports for SEO, Social and Search Engine Marketing

Whether it's Google Analytics, SEO, Social Media or Google AdWords, creating automated marketing reports doesn't get much easier than this.

Save time and money

Gone are the days of spending endless hours creating online marketing reports for clients. Save time and money by making reports in minutes, not days.

Marketing Report Example
Drag and Drop Reporting

Impress your clients

Show clients exactly how you’ve helped them succeed with PPC and other online marketing campaigns using Raven’s simple and customizable drag-and-drop report building tool.

Get the data you need

Access more than twenty data connectors, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console (GWT), Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and many more!

Reporting Data Sources
Schedule Reports

Automate your reporting

Raven's reporting helps you eliminate the tedium. Create and schedule reports in minutes. Send reports – daily to quarterly – on your schedule.