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Measure Your Marketing Success with Raven Tools

Having access to accurate data is the key to making important marketing decisions for your business. You want to be sure that your efforts are paying off in terms of more traffic, leads, and customers.

With Raven Tools, you are able to measure your marketing success across multiple platforms to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what changes should be made in your marketing strategy.

Plus, having data to share with your team ensures that everyone has the information they need to help your business grow.

Monitor Progress

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Scale to New Heights

WYSIWYG Reports, or “What You See Is What You Get Reports” help you organize your data in a clear way. That is, what you see in the report is a great indication of how your website is performing, whether your SEO is working and whether your ads are generating more leads for your business.

Never be left wondering where your business stands. Start creating accurate and easy-to-understand Marketing Reports.

Visualize your Progress and White Label Client Reports

Easily view and analyze information with our helpful data visualization tools.

Rather than trying to make sense of the numbers from a spreadsheet, you can see exactly what each number means and how it compares to the previous period by simply viewing a graph or chart.

Our visual reports are also great for your clients who want to see if their marketing is generating more traffic and customers. Keep your clients profitable and you’ll be profitable too! Need to create marketing reports for your clients? Raven Tools makes this simple with detailed white label reports.

Generate custom reporting according to the key performance indicators (KPIs) your clients want to see. Then send the report to your client with your own logo and branding.

Now you can create professional reports your clients will love without building your own tool from scratch.

Create Custom Marketing Reports with Ease

Raven Tools helps you create custom Marketing Reports for every area of your marketing strategy – from SEO to social media to PPC ad campaigns.

Start generating detailed Marketing Reports today.

Create SEO reports to see your website rankings, authority, backlink profile, organic traffic, and more.

You can even run a comprehensive audit to identify on-page, off-page, and technical issues that need to be addressed. Pull in the analytics you need and send reports to your team. Or, generate white label SEO for your clients.

You’ll have all the SEO data and insights you need with one tool.

Website Analytics Reports

Make sure your website is fast, functional, and user-friendly with our website reporting tools.

Assess site speed, mobile friendliness, site structure, image optimization and more to ensure your site is pleasing to both users and search engines.

Then, make changes and monitor progress on an ongoing basis. Raven Tools shows you where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.

Social Media Reports

Pull in data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to see how your content is performing across social media platforms.

Likes, Clicks, Engagement, and Shares to know if your social media marketing is working with your audience. Gain valuable insights into what users want to see and how they are interacting with your business.

PPC Campaign Reports

If you’re running PPC ads, you want to be sure that your investment is paying off. That means seeing that your money translates into more clicks, customers, and clients.

With PPC marketing reports, you’ll see your number of clicks, cost per click, and overall performance of your ads all at a glance. Then, you’ll know when to invest more of your budget into ads that are performing well or turn off the campaigns that aren’t making you money.

Access Data from 30+ Platforms

Raven Tools pulls in data from more than twenty data connectors, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Google Search Console, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and many more.

In your reporting dashboard, you can pick and choose which metrics you want to show. Customize your reports with highly-accurate analytics, download in your chosen format, and share it with your team.

We consolidate multiple tools into one so you don’t have to jump from platform to platform to find the information you need.

Save Time and Money with Automation

With Raven Tools, you can create custom Marketing Reports from scratch or build out templates that auto-generate a report when you need one.

Easily export your backlink report to CSV to assist in all of your SEO link building efforts.

Automate your reporting to see your marketing progress every month with ease. Save time and money by having comprehensive reports ready-to-go in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of other tools.

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