Automated Social Media Marketing Reports for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Now social media marketers can get the credit they deserve by automatically delivering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn reports that prove value.

Create custom social reports

Using Raven's Report Builder, you'll be able to create comprehensive, customized and automated social media reports that will impress your clients.

Social Media Report Builder
Social Media Report

Access reports anywhere

Raven's Reporting Engine publishes each social media marketing report as a responsive and interactive page. Clients can access it on their phone or download it to PDF for offline viewing.

Browse social media metrics

We connect directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics to provide you with up-to-date and accurate social media metrics that are all reportable.

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Automate social reports

Raven's reporting helps you eliminate the tedium. Create and schedule social reports in minutes. Send reports – daily to quarterly – on your schedule.