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Spy on Top Competitors and Find New Links for Your Website.

Spy on Your Keyword Competitors and Find New Links

Want to rank in the search engines for your focus keyword? Then you need to attract high-quality links to your website.

Link Spy helps you locate the best link opportunities based on the backlink profiles of your top keyword competitors.

Simply enter the keyword you want to rank for to generate a report of up 50,000 link ideas.

This is a great way to analyze your competition and add new link ideas to your link building strategy.

Link Spy helps you to find the best backlink possibilities for your website in one easy-to-use tool.

Simply enter your focus keyword and see a comprehensive report of every domain ranking for that keyword. Then, snatch up the top link opportunities to add to your own SEO efforts.

Search Any Keyword & Access Limitless Backlink Potential

The SEO success of your business depends on your website ranking for the best keywords in your industry. This is how users are able to search for and find services like yours. The question is, could your rankings use some improvement?

To get better visibility in search engines, it’s necessary to drive high-quality links to your website.
Link Spy helps you find these link opportunities based on those websites that are already ranking for your target keywords.

Search for any keyword in the Link Spy tool to get a comprehensive report of all websites ranking for that keyword. Then, analyze the backlink profiles of your top competitors to find new links worth acquiring for your own website.

See Who is Already Ranking for Your Target Keywords

Start your link research off right. With accurate data straight from Moz and Majestic, Link Spy shows you a complete list of those websites that are already ranking for your focus keywords.

From there, you can select which competitors to include in your report. Link Spy will then generate a list of backlinks and domains that may be worth going after in your own link building strategy.

You can even add other competitors to your report based on their website URL.

Find Which Domains Are Linking to Your Top Competitors

Does your backlink profile measure up? See how many backlinks your top competitors are getting to see if you need to up your link building efforts.

Link Spy shows you exactly which domains are linking to your competition and in what volume so you can find the strongest link sources. From there, you can identify backlinks worth pursuing for your own website.

Find new backlinks to improve your website SEO.

Get a Detailed Breakdown of Your Competitor’s Backlink Profile

Spying on the competition is the best way to find top-quality link opportunities.

From the Link Spy report, you will get an overview of how many backlinks your competitors have, where they are coming from, and the quality of each link.

Click into the Backlinks section to see which domains are linking to your competition. From, there, you can analyze the Page Authority and Trust Flow in order to find the very best link potential.

Access Accurate Metrics from Top SEO Tools Moz and Majestic

Your SEO efforts are only as strong as the data you use. That’s why Link Spy utilizes data direct from top SEO tools Moz and Majestic to offer you the most accurate data available.

Analyze citation flow, anchor text, link date, and 20+ metrics to give you a leg up on the competition.
Never question the accuracy of your backlink report. Use Link Spy from Raven Tools for your SEO research.

Filter Your Display to See the Data You Need and Create Reports

Link Spy allows you to filter your report to only include metrics that are relevant to you.

Toggle data on and off to see details about:

You can further add custom filters to organize data by domain, nofollow, image links, and much more.

Link Spy includes custom settings that allow you to create detailed reports and then export them straight from your Raven Tools dashboard. Simply save your report view and select the export option of your choosing.

SEO linking building is often a team effort. Make sure everyone has the best data at their fingertips by sharing your custom backlink report as a CSV or PDF.

Add Link Sources to Link Manager to Monitor Your Efforts

Found a backlink worth going after for your own website? Add it to your Link Manager to track your progress.

Link Manager monitors all of the backlinks you are working to acquire for your own site. Check on the status of your link building efforts and see when new links are secured.

You can even further explore the backlink quality in the Research Central or Backlink Explorer tools.

Manage All of Your Link Research in a Single Dashboard

Raven Tools combines all the tools you need to conduct your link research.

From Link Spy to scope out the competition to Backlink Explorer to find the best link opportunities, you can access everything you need in a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Join Raven Tools to have access to a range of top-quality SEO research tools starting at only $39 per month.

Find Link Metrics Opportunities

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