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6 Amazing SEO and Reporting Tools - One Software Toolbox

Site Audits for SEO

Site Audits

Our site auditor evaluates 17 different metrics to make sure your technical SEO game is strong. Find Problems. Fix it. Start Ranking.

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Local SEO Ranking

Keyword and Competitor Research

Local and global keyword and competitor data from Moz, Majestic, Google, Bing, IBM Watson, and Calais

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Link Analysis

Backlink Analysis and Link Spy

Get an advanced look at domain backlinks. Spy on your competitors. Identify toxic links, and follow up on discoveries with the Link building CRM

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Track SERP Ranking

Rank Tracking

Track keywords on-demand by search engine, location, zip code, device - daily / weekly / monthly with Authority Labs data.

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Retrieve Important Data

Comprehensive SEO Data

See traffic, conversion, and all of your important SEO data from: Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Adwords, & Bing Webmaster Tools.

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PPC, Social and Call Data

PPC + Social + Email & Call Track Reporting

Ads [Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing]. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Emma, Constant Contact, Aweber, and Call Rail.

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Raven Tools Site Audits

Site Auditor: Our site audits evaluate 17 different metrics to make sure your technical SEO game is strong. Don’t let page or site issues keep you from ranking on the SERPs.

Find it. Fix it. Start ranking.

The site crawler grabs your pages and provides a summary of total issues and buckets out 17 types of issues by: Visibility Issues, Meta, Content, Links, Images, Semantics, Page Speed for Desktop and Mobile, and a Crawl Comparison.

After crawling all of your web pages a detailed report is generated with a site health score out of 100. All onpage technical site problems and optimization opportunities are then generated by order of severity. Don’t care to fix something? Hide the findings. Want an easy way to manage the fixes? The website auditor generates your results as a checklist that can be marked off as you go.

Share Results

Not an SEO guru? Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to fix the issues we give you the ability to share your results. Many businesses use this to share their audits with their webmasters, SEO, or just with Facebook and Twitter.

Automatic Audits

Schedule your site to be analyzed weekly or monthly to make sure you keep your site search engine friendly. We’ll monitor and alert you when we find new problems or optimization opportunities.

Use Site Auditor on Any Device

Feel free to analyze from any device. Run an audit from your computer, your tablet, or from a mobile phone. Talking to a potential client? Generate quick and accurate audit reports on the fly.

All SEO Issues Raven Tools Dashboard

Site Audit Tool Dashboard

Track SERP Ranking

Rank Tracker: We wanted to provide the most flexible rank checking to our users, so we let you control how frequently we check the SERPs for changes to your ranking. Want to check them once a month? No problem. Once a week? No problem. Daily? Sure!

Since we let you schedule your checks, we based pricing on a single check, of a single keyword, on a single device, on a single engine. We've included 15,000 rank position checks in our Start package and even more for our Grow - Lead accounts.

This means that you can have 3,750 weekly keywords tracked in a given month for Start accounts. If you need additional keywords, it's only $.003 per additional keyword.

Google personalizes SERPs based on the user's physical location and the type of device used. That's why the best rank tracking tools to keep track of your local SEO efforts track the same keyword customized by specific zip codes. You can also choose to track how your site ranks on mobile devices vs desktop searches.

SERP Tracker Raven Tools Dashboard

Add Keywords Rave Dashboard

Local SEO Ranking

Keyword and Competitor Research: Raven Tools uses world-class data sources such as Majestic, Moz, Google, Bing, and Open Calais to provide domain authority metrics, keyword insights, and domain information.

Get domain info on a variety of data points: Quality, Keywords, Pages, Backlinks, Neighborhood, Compare, Semantic, design, and social metrics.

Keyword research uses the Google data connection to give you ad data, search volume data for location and for global, along with competitor info by selected keyword.

Identify the search volume of a keyword and generate similar search phrases with search volume metrics and an advertiser competition score. Raven Tools integrates with Google Keyword Planner and provides you data straight from the source. If you integrate Google Search Console, we also display average rank data.

After KW research, our Keyword Manager allows users to upload through CSV, organize and store the keywords that are important to your link building and PPC campaigns. You can store an unlimited amount of keywords and you can organize based on filters or by tags. For example, you can create tags to identify brand terms or group related keywords such as “SEO”.

Since Raven Tools is an all-in-one integrated platform, you’ll be able to send keywords from other areas of Raven Tools (such as Search Analytics and Research Central) with a couple clicks of the mouse.

Lastly, easily surface a list of all important SEO metrics for your site and competitors to get a side by side analysis that looks at things like backlinks, citation flow, trust flow, domain authority, load time, page speed, overall preparedness, domain registration, and a range of social integrations.

Raven Tools Keyword and Competitor Research Tool

Site Performance Dashboard Tool

Retrieve Important Data

Comprehensive SEO Data:

Raven Tools integrates with Google Analytics, Search Console, Majestic and Moz. We store historical data from Google so it won’t be deleted (which Google now does). We pay for Moz and Majestic so you don’t have to spend hundreds more. We also give you the ability to surface specific SEO-centric metrics to easily identify important SEO data points, while giving you the tools to analyze through a variety of visualizations.

PPC, Social and Call Data

PPC - Social - Email - Call Tracking - Content


View PPC data from three different sources: Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. View Impressions, CPM, CTR, conversions, clicks, conversion rate, total conversion value, cost per conversion, and see what each ad looks like on the SERP or on social with important metrics side by side with your ads. View insights through line charts, KPIs, or charts. Combine PPC data in your automatic reports and place it side-by-side your organic campaign data.


Manage all your twitter, facebook, linkedin, and youtube accounts in one place. Schedule posts. Comment and like from the Raven Tools Dashboard. Who knew you could avoid distraction on social media? View all the important metrics on things like replies, your reach, followers, retweets, shares, and a host of other metrics.


Manage your email marketing from the Raven Tools dashboard. View every aspect of your email campaign as if you were in your email marketing dashboard on Campaign Monitor. See your open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and view everything with a line chart to visualize the data. Create events and tag specific campaigns to keep track of specific emails.

Call Tracking:

Add CallRail to view your entire Callrail dashboard inside of Raven Tools. Just like every other data source, we connect this with the report generator and allow you to take specific metrics from Callrail and surface KPIs side-by-side your entire marketing campaign.


Raven Tools allows you to post to multiple WordPress installs from the content marketing dashboard. Not only that, but you can order content for your site within Raven Tools as well. We’re also hard at work to add content optimization tools that we’ve tested to make sure that you’ll have an upper hand ranking.

Raven Tools Social Data Dashboard

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