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Agency Team Finds Raven Indispensable!

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Not every company can boast customers who want to shout their praises. Raven’s been fortunate. It seems as though every month we get emails from customers asking how they can be featured on our website or in our newsletter.

Click Consult, a U.K.-based digital agency, is one such customer. They’ve been using Raven for nine months and asked if they could share their early successes with us.

That would have been enough for us to say, “Heck, yeah!” But when Laura Cavanagh, Marketing Executive, let us know they chose Raven software after vetting 17 vendors, I almost swam across the Pond to interview her personally!

Click Consult quickly found the toolset to be indispensable.

Raven is embedded into the core of how we work and forms a part of all of our client’s strategies, including paid search, organic search and content marketing strategies. ~Laura Cavanagh

Expanding Agency Workflow

Click Consult UK LogoOne of Laura’s primary areas of focus is social media. She finds managing numerous social media calendars a breeze with Raven’s easy-to-use monitoring and scheduling capabilities. Additionally, social media analytics provides her a handy snapshot into campaign performance.

As a dynamic digital marketing agency, it was important for numerous teams to work collaboratively while also accommodating all their clients. The team at Click Consult uses Raven daily across numerous departments, including Marketing, Account Management, Organic Search, Paid Search and Outreach. Raven’s task management functionality improved their workflow measurably.

Pleasing Clients With Timely Reporting

Click Consult’s account management team says using Raven’s automated reporting makes it easy for them to get vital pieces of information to clients on a regular basis.

The detail and clarity of information available combined with the ability to write individual analysis on a per client basis provides flexibility they find particularly valuable.

The flexible nature of Raven Tools means that we can create bespoke reports for our clients whilst still utilising the automated functionality, helping us to enhance our performance and service proposition for our clients. ~Simon Buckland, Head of Account Management, Click Consult

When it comes to retaining clients, the ability to house all reports within the application has definitely been a contributing factor.

If you’re an agency looking to provide a great user experience for clients, condensing “heaps of information all under one roof” with a focus on collaboration, you won’t find any better tool than this, Laura raved.

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