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Top upvote websites for marketers
By Nathan T. Baker

April, 2015

Accelerate Your Marketing with These Top 4 Upvote Websites

Few places on the Internet feel like you’re walking into a room where experts are ready with the answer to your exact question.

social media roi cartoon
By Pratik Dholakiya

April, 2015

How To Attack Social Media ROI Like a Pro

In 2014, 92% of marketers said social media was important to their business and brand, and 95% of marketers that use social media six hours or more per week say it has created more exposure for their brand. It’s not surprising then that 63% of CMOs want to increase the ROI on their social media […]

Educate Clients in the Zone of Proximal Development
By Nathan T. Baker

April, 2015

The Psychology Behind Educating Clients

Educating clients effectively is essential not only to justifying your work, but also to keeping client expectations in check. Apply these psychological principles to build deep knowledge rather than talking in circles.

data mining
By Mike Krass

March, 2015

How To Mine Data for SEO Insights

During a recent Google Analytics meetup our company hosted, we were asked a great question: How do you analyze your clients’ SEO data?

psychology behind brain
By Nathan T. Baker

March, 2015

The Psychology Behind Completing Marketing Goals

Executing great digital marketing can be a juggling act. You have to prioritize the work, communicate your strategy, and fight through distractions to make it happen.

Use these psychological insights to become more effective at knocking out your marketing goals. The change may just be noticeable enough to impress clients, your boss, or yourself.

Shopping Cart
By Nathan T. Baker

March, 2015

An SEO E-Commerce Audit That Wins Clients

An e-commerce client may be better served if you fix on-site SEO issues and conversion problems before investing more heavily in content, social or PPC. Use this guide to create an introductory SEO e-commerce website audit that will show clients why investing in search visibility is a vital first step to any integrated online marketing campaign.

By Kate Dore

March, 2015

The Compounding Returns of Social Media Sharing

The goal of marketing is to reach your target audience at the right time. Social media marketers have to consider the short attention span of their followers and diminishing shelf life of their message. This is why repetition gives their carefully crafted message the best chance of survival. But what content should be repeated and how often?

ppc mobile image
By Susan Wenograd

March, 2015

Getting Started With AdWords Call-Only Campaigns

AdWords caused quite a few PPC folks to rejoice a couple weeks ago when they announced the roll-out of what they’re calling “Call Only Campaigns.” If you’re not familiar with these yet, they’re a great option for lead-gen or call-heavy accounts. Let’s look at what they are, and how to spot if it’s worth testing on any of your accounts.

I will not copy
By Jon Henshaw

March, 2015

Detecting Duplicate Content with Raven Just Got Easier

Raven’s Site Auditor now supports canonicalization! The new canonical tag support works in conjunction with our preexisting duplicate content check. Learn how our tool analyzes pages for duplicate content and how the new feature enhances those results.

versus istockphoto
By Nicolette Beard

March, 2015

10 Duplicate Content Scenarios and How To Solve Them

Confused about what constitutes duplicate content? Worried about re-posting your own content on LinkedIn or another website? How, exactly, could duplicate content issues affect your SEO? Find out.

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