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Website Auditor

Diagnose website issues and improve visibility to your site.


Uncover your top priority on-page issues quickly with Raven Site Auditor's intuitive charts

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Choose a Website Auditor Based on Features

The Raven Tools Website Auditor categorizes all issues into 6 primary buckets in the default view.

Change how you Visualize Your Website Audit

Raven Tools offers two ways to view your audit. The classic, which shows the primary buckets with the side bar, or the studio, which is the view you’ll want to use when sharing results, or when you want to create a checklist that can be marked off as you continue to optimize your website.

Fix All of Your Website’s Issues

With Raven Tools, not only do you get a listing of the problems that may be holding your website back from better performance, but you also get an actionable, easy-to-follow checklist of suggestions that can make your website better.

Keeping your website up-to-date and in solid competition with other businesses in your space doesn’t have to be difficult. With Raven Tools, you can get it done in minutes with just the click of a button. It’s hard to keep organized with website fixes, so why not use an audit tool that optimizes your ability to stay organized?

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Compare your Site Crawl and Track Audit Progress

It’s important to track your progress to show SEO successes. While clients normally desire to see Rank tracking and Conversion numbers, its still necessary to show them that a critical aspect of their SEO campaign is moving towards completion.

Integrate Audit KPIs into a Marketing Report

The website auditor integrates directly into our marketing report tool, so you can customize any KPI you’d like to see and demonstrate in a bite size report the number of issues for a site along with the issue trend to see if things are improving.

Share your Site Audit through an HTML Link

Its important to share your SEO roadmap with your clients and your team, so we’ve included a very simple share button that allows you to share with anyone on any device.

Schedule Audits

Websites aren’t just set-it-and-forget-it. They need to be ever-evolving assets to your business – growing and changing as your business goals, marketing strategies, and technologies change.

Do you often forget to run an audit on your website, only to find out months later that a plugin was broken or you’ve got pages set to not be crawled by search engines? That’s possibly thousands of visits and potential customers you may have lost!

A regular website audit is an important habit to create. With Raven Tools, schedule your site to be analyzed weekly or monthly. We'll monitor and alert you when we find new problems or optimization opportunities.

Customize how you Audit your Site with Advanced Settings

Choose your schedule. Choose your crawl depth from 1 - 10,000 pages. Block pages from being crawled by setting exclusions.

Use it on any device

Site Auditor works on phones, tablets and PCs. Analyze sites on the fly and get results no matter where you are.

Save Time and Money

The Raven Tools Website Auditor is included in our suite of SEO tools and starts at $49 a month. Raven Tools intentionally created the auditior's UI to save users time and to promote teamwork. Try anayzing your site and see how easy it is


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