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Keyword suggestions, PPC research, SEO research, and data from multiple keyword sources.

616 Million SERPs collected monthly.

1.4 Billion keywords in the database.

All of your Keyword Research Tools in One Platform

Get up to 10,000 keyword suggestions by entering a keyword or phrase. Select how many results you’d like to get, and instantly get information on PPC competition, organic search volume, and identify the CPC (cost-per-click) of any keyword. Filter your data to quickly identify exactly what you need. To top it off, if you want to work from Excel or from a Google Sheet, we allow you to export your data with ease.

Research Competitor Keywords with the Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Research a competitor’s entire domain or isolate one page to identify important keyword information like competitor rank position, search volume, estimated traffic, CPC, traffic cost, and SERP features. If you find something you want to pursue, you can click one button to immediately start tracking the keyword for your domain, or you can click to research the keyword deeper.

Research Competitors for Your Target Keyword

Enter in a keyword to see what domains rank for the keyword, and get a single view that tells you Moz and Majestic authority metrics of each ranking domain. With the click of a button you can see the page authority, domain authority, citation flow, and trust flow of your competitors for your target keyword. You’ll also be able to see the amount of links to the URL and how many links are passing juice.

Get PPC data with Our Keyword Planner API

With the Keyword Planner API, you have another layer of data that you can use to research keywords. View the advertising competition graph and see what Google is telling you about the search volume for the related keywords. The Keyword Planner API will give you all semantically related keywords all together.

Manage Your Keywords and Stay Organized

Get a unified dashboard for all of your keywords that enables you to connect data from SERP Tracker, Google Analytics, Adwords, and from Raven’s Link Management tool (the CRM for link builders). As you track a keyword, view the ranking progress and the link building process. Perfect for freelancers, teams, and for outsourcing.

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