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Tracking Black Friday Sales
By Nathan T. Baker

November, 2015

How to Track Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Have your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale all ready to go? In the midst of all the brainstorming, research, creating content, timing, and logistics… don’t forget about reporting. Make sure all your work translates into money. Of all the metrics you can collect during a sale, roughly measuring something like brand awareness can be straight forward. […]

Googel Alternatives
By Kara Sherrer

October, 2015

The Best Google Alternatives For Email, Search, Docs and Everything Else

Due to Google’s overwhelming popularity, it can seem like there are no real competitors to their products. However, sometimes it’s good to test the waters with other products to see if you like using them better. Don’t get us wrong — we love Google, but we also love choice. After a good bit of research, we think we’ve found the best Google product alternatives out there.

Podcasting Prophecy
By Kara Sherrer

August, 2015

Is Podcasting’s ‘Comeback’ a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy?

The hyped headlines churned out by media outlets haven’t been able to agree on what podcasting’s path to popularity has been. But one thing is completely clear: podcasting is definitely a big deal right now. Serial, which debuted last October and has been called podcasting’s first real hit, introduced many to the medium. New shows […]

Online Training
By Nicolette Beard

July, 2015

Conquer the Digital World With These 21 Online Courses

School may be out for summer, but the professional online marketer never stops learning. With millions of websites (yes, millions!) hoping to grab your attention with the promise of teaching you about online marketing, it’s nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. Well, I’ve done the homework for you. I used my link […]

More with less marketing
By Trevin Shirey

July, 2015

Get More Done With Byproduct Marketing

Good marketing, fun as it is, can be a time suck. Keywords don’t research themselves and links don’t magically pour in to every blog post. So when you come across a few time-saving ways to do more with less, you have to take advantage of it. Marketing automation, IFTTT, VAs and smart email management have […]

microphone for podcasting
By Nicolette Beard

July, 2015

22 Top Podcasts To Re-Energize Your Online Marketing

We’ve culled through dozens of marketing podcasts to find the best of the best. You will kickstart a marketing mindset when you absorb the wealth of information available from numerous industry luminaries.

By Nathan T. Baker

June, 2015

Stop Making Fun of Non-Technical Clients Behind their Back

How often do you hear someone making fun of their clients? It irks me. I don’t hear it every day, but I do hear it. Usually, it’s related to a client not understanding some technology. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been guilty of earning a quick laugh at a client’s expense, but please call me […]

Monthly reporting in Raven
By Holly Kinney

June, 2015

Monthly Marketing Reports Shouldn’t Be a Cure for Insomnia

Last month, we looked at how to impress the heck out of a potential client by building a sexy marketing report. This month, we’re going to make sure there’s nothing boring about the updates your clients receive from you. In contrast to the information-heavy marketing proposal that is meant to win a potential client over […]

worst website ever
By Nathan T. Baker

May, 2015

How to Tell Prospects Their Website is Terrible

Sometimes a prospect’s website needs a lot of work and it’s obvious. So how do you break the news without being harsh? Some prospects know they are behind the times while others don’t. So tack is important until you understand what a prospect already knows about the performance of his website. The trick is to use […]

market motive training
By Jon Henshaw

May, 2015

Market Motive: Online Marketing Training at its Best

Editor’s note: A small business owner who doesn’t have the resources to hire a lot of talent found great value in Market Motive. His recent comment on this older post prompted me to make sure it was current. He especially liked that he was able to work the classes around his crazy schedule. If you lack […]

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