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Nate Video
By Nathan T. Baker

May, 2016

Reporting is Content Marketing: From Data Dump to Engaged Clients

After helping hundreds of marketing agencies with their reporting processes, I’ve seen a recurring theme. Reporting isn’t too fun. It’s as fun as taxes. It’s as fun as spreadsheets. It’s as fun as data entry. But there’s a danger in this thinking. Done right, reporting isn’t just a mundane task. It’s an extremely powerful marketing strategy. Reporting […]

Heart rate monitor revive blog
By Kara Sherrer

June, 2015

How To Revive Your Dead Company Blog

No longer posting on your company blog can happen innocently enough. You probably decided to skip a day or a week because of all your other work deadlines. Before you knew it, months had gone by without a post. Now, you’re wondering if you should resume posting or not, or whether just to kill your […]

psychology behind brain
By Kara Sherrer

June, 2015

The Psychology Behind Sharing Content

Marketers instinctively realize that referrals and word of mouth and are important to growing a business and a brand. There’s evidence to back this instinct up: a three-year study of German bank accounts found that referrals are both more loyal and more valuable customers. Certain brands are so successful at this that they inspire levels of […]

crumpled paper
By Trevin Shirey

April, 2015

How To Generate Content Ideas When You’re Under Pressure To Produce

As marketers, we often focus on the technical side of things – optimization, promotion and conversion. But without quality content, even the best marketing strategies can fall flat. So how can you be sure that your articles, blog posts and other content interests your audience and makes them want to share? It all starts long […]

content auditor temlpate
By Pam Neely

February, 2015

Improve Your Content’s Impact With This Content Audit Template

Here’s a common situation: You’re creating lots of content. You pour your heart and soul into creating stuff you think your audience will find extremely useful. So… how is that content working out for you? Content audits are a perfect way to help you understand what’s working—and what you can improve—to get the results you […]

Curated Content
By Nicolette Beard

December, 2014

Is Content Curation Dead?

Content curation has been around a long time. The best curated content relies on the editorial oversight of a subject matter expert (SME). This person (or team) has the ability to sift through reams of resources to find that one hidden gem which, when added to the compilation, will educate, inform, inspire and, maybe, even […]

Hamburger Buns
By Casey Meehan

December, 2014

8 Ways to Bake Newsworthiness Into a B2B Business

Building a newsworthy business is the best thing a business owner can do. Baking newsworthiness into your business lines up a whole slew of benefits that do everything from mobilizing your potential customers to boosting your SEO. Being newsworthy inherently means your business is almost always on someone’s mind, and as such your business is […]

By Arienne Holland

November, 2014

How To Create Content Publishers Love: A Q&A With Kelsey Libert

No matter what you call it — link building, content promotion, blogger outreach, relationship building, content outreach — getting online publishers to pay attention to your pitches is harder than ever. Kelsey Libert knows exactly what types of content online publishers want most. We ask her advice for executing content campaigns that succeed.

Annoyed Computer User
By Tadeusz Szewczyk

October, 2014

How to Get More Mail Subscribers Without Trashing the User Experience

Annoying pop-ups may result in more subscribers but they also ostracize many other visitors. Luckily you don’t have to resort to cheap workarounds when you design your site in a conversion-oriented manner from the start. Getting subscribers doesn’t have to be about annoying people. Building your audience doesn’t work by force. Building a store in […]

Writing for Multiple Audiences
By Julie Neidlinger

August, 2014

The Value of Writing for Multiple Audiences

Once upon a time, everyone stood around the water cooler and talked about the same shows. After all, they’d all watched the same shows the night before. But not anymore. Now, there is a limitless number of ways you can consume thousands of television shows, movies, and videos. You can watch them when you want, […]

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