Moz and Majestic Make Beautiful Babies Together

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Beautiful people make beautiful babies. In the same way, a data mashup can be a beautiful thing when great data comes together from two sources.

In Raven software, you’ll find data mashups around every corner, so we’re familiar with what makes a great one.

First, a data mashup is great when there are high quality data sources as parents. Second, a data mashup is great when you learn something new or it solves a problem that you wouldn’t necessarily catch by viewing one data source by itself.

11 Data Mashups You May Be Missing in Raven

Thank goodness in 2000 companies began launching APIs on the Web. APIs are what allows developers to pull in authorized data from multiple places.

In Raven, we’ve done the grunt work for you, and we’ve figured out which marketing data sources make beautiful babies together.

We display super-helpful combinations of data from partners such as Moz and Majestic among our over 25+ data sources.

Research Central alone pulls in over 100 unique metrics. Here are 10 of our favorite data mashups.

1. One Dashboard to Rule Them All

a dashboard of your marketing campaign

Raven’s dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s happening with your marketing campaign. Is there a spike in traffic? Or are you seeing more SEO issues than the last crawl? These are insights you can quickly see from one place.

2. Authority Scores Working Together

Compare the health of your site to others

Quickly see the health of any website and then track it over time. You can also compare a website for up to two competitors. Click Tool Options > Create PDF Report to easily create a report for a prospect.

  • Date Sources: Majestic, Moz, Google, Raven, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Klout
  • Find it in Raven: Campaign > Site Performance
  • Learn more about Site Performance

3. A Truck Load of Analysis at Your Fingertips

data analysis

If you have questions about a specific website or keyword, Research Central is a good place to start looking for an answer. This powerhouse displays over 100 unique metrics based on what you’re looking for.

  • Data Sources: Majestic, Moz, Google AdWords, Bing, Calais, Alexa, Whois, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Raven
  • Find it in Raven: Research > Research Central
  • Learn more about Research Central

4. A Quality Score You can Control

Quality Score with custom metrics

You don’t have to rely on an algorithm from one data source to help you gauge the quality of a site. With the quality section of Research Central, you can design your own score. Plug in the metrics that matter to you and then give them different weights. This allows you to know exactly why one website is scoring higher than another.

  • Data Sources: Majestic, Moz, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Raven, Alexa, Whois
  • Find it in Raven: Research > Research Central > Research a URL > Quality
  • Learn more about Raven Custom Quality Scores

 5. Moz and Majestic Links in One Place

Moz and MajesticSEO links in one place

Do you prefer link data from Moz or Majestic? That’s a trick question since you can pull links from both sources in the backlinks section of Research Central. Having everything in one place gives you a fuller picture.

  • Data Sources: Majestic, Moz
  • Find it in Raven: Research > Research Central > Research a URL > Backlinks
  • Learn more about Backlinks in Research Central

6. Compare Multiple Sites Head to Head

Compare websites head to head

You can compare the strengths and weaknesses of your site against a competitor in the compare section of Research Central. You’ll be able to tell exactly where there is room for improvement. You can compare your site to up to five other sites.

  • Data Sources: Majestic, Moz, Raven, Twitter, Google+, Raven
  • Find it in Raven: Research > Research Central > Research a URL > Compare
  • Learn more about Comparing Websites in Research Central

7. Google and Bing Rankings Side by Side

Google and Bing rankings

Monitor your Google and Bing rankings over time. You can also view Google AdWords keyword data alongside rankings to spot opportunities while analyzing data.

  • Data Sources: Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords
  • Find it in Raven: SEO > Rankings
  • Learn more about Keyword Rankings

8. Putting Link Monitoring on Autopilot

link monitoring

When you monitor links in Raven, you’ll know if a link is no longer active or not. You can track movements in Moz authority scores or see if the link changes location on the page. Plus, you can automatically import links found by Google so you can easily manage and monitor links as they come in.

  • Data Sources: Google Analytics, Moz, Majestic, Raven
  • Find it in Raven: SEO > Link Manager
  • Learn more about Link Manager

9. Discover Link Building Opportunities The Smart Way

discover link building opportunities

Link data from Moz and Majestic make Site Finder a link builder’s dream. With a phrase and a country, you’ll find the top ranking websites for a niche. But not only do you see the obvious players, but also which pages in your niche are linking to the obvious players. By seeing these layers, you can more easily find the best opportunities.

  • Data Sources: Moz, Majestic
  • Find it in Raven: SEO > Site Finder
  • Learn more about Site Finder

10. Report on Data That Makes You Money

raven tools marketing reports

Of course, Raven is the ultimate data mashup. Since there are countless ways to arrange and toggle on and off data, you can present prospects and clients with the information they care about. The power of this mashup is that it’s yours, so be sure to put your logo on it!

  • Data Sources: Alexa, AWeber, Bing Webmaster Tools, Calais, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, DataSift, Emma, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools, Klout, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Majestic, Moz, Raven, Twitter, YouTube, YSlow
  • Find it in Raven: Reports > Report Wizard
  • Start crafting marketing reports in minutes.

Data is what allows a marketer to prove they are making a business money. It’s what shows a prospect why their competition is crushing them. It’s what keeps a client engaged and asking about different services.

The more data you have access to, the more flexibility you have in analyzing and pulling out the metrics that provide value for your campaigns.

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    • Great metaphor. Raven is the wizard behind the curtain, as one of our education specialists says 🙂 Great for you to stop by, very cool niche you have going! (For others reading the comments, be sure to check out Josh’s bio.)

    • Ale, you can see Linking Root Domains for a URL or across the site in Research > Research Central > Summary when searching for a URL. Use the gear icon to to add that KPI if you don’t see it now. You can rearrange metrics and create your optimized view.