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Analyze and Check Backlinks of Any Website and Explore Link Opportunities.

Search Any Domain & Explore Limitless Backlink Opportunities

Check backlinks from a fresh or historic index right at your fingertips. With Backlink Explorer, simply submit any URL or domain into the “Explore” function to generate a comprehensive report of backlink potential.

Identify Who Links to You and to Your Competitors

The backlink report allows you to see not only which domains are linking to your site, but also to spy on your competitors’ backlink profiles. With a click of a button, you can then add opportunities to your own link building strategy by sending a link to “Backlink Manager” in order to get an edge on your competition. Go from investigation to organization to action -- all with a couple clicks.

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Access Data from Top SEO Tools Moz and Majestic

Your link building strategy relies on accurate data. That’s why backlink research with Raven Tools utilizes metrics from top SEO tools Moz and Majestic to give you a complete backlink profile for any website.

Analyze the Link Source, Citation Flow, Anchor Text, and more with data straight from the source.

Find Link Building Opportunities from Your Competitors

Don’t let your competitors reap all the backlink benefits on their own.

With Backlink Explorer, you can spy on your competitors to see which domains are linking to their website, giving you ideas for which domains to reach out to in your own link building strategy.

Find a domain whose link could give your website a boost? Add this opportunity to your own link building to-do list in order to improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

Filter Your Report to See the Data You Need

See the exact data you need by using the custom Filter feature.

Filtering makes it easy to compare link or domain data, sort out irrelevant data, or search a report for a specific metric. Analyze the data that’s relevant to your link strategy, without the confusion.

See only the data you need and none that you don’t by adding Filters to your Backlink Explorer report.

Create and Share Custom Reports

Need to download your backlink report? Want to share it with your team? Do all this and more with the Create Report and Export functions.

Easily export your backlink report to CSV to assist in all of your SEO link building efforts.

You can even apply custom Filters to your report before download in order to export the data that is only relevant to your strategy. Then, share this report to your team as a CSV or PDF in a matter of seconds.

Track Progress in Link Manager

Want to track all of your link building efforts in one place? Link Manager allows you to do just that by organizing your link opportunities in a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Simply find a backlink that looks like a great opportunity for your website, then select the “Add to Link Manager” option. This link then gets added to your Link Manager dashboard for you to monitor your progress.

Easily track your link building efforts with metrics like:

Never miss an opportunity or wonder about the status of your link outreach. Link Manager has got you covered.

Monitor the Growth of Your Backlink Profile

Make sure your link building efforts are paying off by tracking your success in your easy-to-read dashboard.
Backlink Explorer shows you a complete backlink profile of your website to ensure that you are acquiring new high-quality links.

See the citation flow of new and existing links to check for link quality. You can even identify toxic links and disavow them in Google in order to improve your backlink profile.

With Backlink Explorer, you can see metrics on:

Manage All of Your Backlinks and Report On Link Building In One Platform

With Raven Tools, staying on top of your marketing is easier than ever.

Raven Tools combines accurate data reporting with a user-friendly interface to allow you to access all of the information you need in one place. Manage multiple profiles and domains, check marketing performance metrics, and identify on-page SEO opportunities in a single dashboard.

See all of your current marketing metrics at a glance, including:

Never second-guess whether your link building efforts are paying off. Try Raven Tools for free today.

Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines with Backlink Explorer

With the Backlink Explorer from Raven Tools, you have complete control over your link building strategy.

See the existing backlink profile of your website, find new link opportunities, and manage your link building efforts all in one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, have access to top SEO metrics from Moz and Majestic for up to 50,000 backlinks.

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