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Customizable SERP Rank Tracker Tool to Track All Your Keywords

Raven Tools Accounts include rank position checks per month starting at 7,500 and scaling up to 30,000 RPCs
based on your package. Additional checks only cost $0.003 per keyword.

Bulk Rank Tracking On Demand: Control How Frequently Ranks Are Checked

We wanted to provide the most flexible rank checking to our users, so we let you control how frequently we check the SERPs for changes to your ranking.

Want to check them once a month? No problem.
Once a week? No problem.
Daily? Sure!

Affordable Rank Position Checks Let You Scale Your Reporting Without Breaking The Bank

Since we let you schedule your checks, we based pricing on a single check, of a single keyword, on a single device, on a single engine. We've included a starting number of RPCs per month to all of our plans.

Start Saving Money on your rank tracking

We have competitive rank tracking pricing at $0.003 for each rank position check per month.

How much does it cost to check my site's ranking beyond the included checks?

On our freelancer plan (7,500 RPCs) you can track 1875 weekly keywords for free each month. If you were tracking 100 additional keywords on a weekly basis then the total cost to your account would just be $1.20.

Track Local SEO Success - Rank Tracking By Zip Code & Device

Google personalizes SERPs based on the users physical location and the type of device used. That's why the best rank tracking tools to keep track of your local SEO efforts track the same keyword customized by specific zipcodes. You can also choose to track how your site ranks on mobile devices vs desktop searches.

Start Tracking Your GEO Local Keywords

Bulk Rank Tracking For Multiple Search Engines

We provide rank tracking services for the following search engines:

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and are currently researching additional data points.

Report On Your SEO Campaign Success

Include changes in your website rankings alongside the best data from: Majestic, Moz and our Site Auditor. Provide your client or marketing department boss with keyword and competitor intelligence, link authority and traffic insights so you can show off your marketing successes quickly and easily with our white label report engine.

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