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By Holly Kinney

September, 2014

How Soon Will a Woman Dump Your Website?

At Raven, we are seriously customer focused. And as the new Customer Loyalty Specialist, I have spent the last few months immersed in the fascinating world of customer loyalty. In the course of my research, I found a paper in the Journal of Marketing that illustrates significant differences between how men and women interact with brands. “Are […]

School Bus
By Nicolette Beard

September, 2014

9 Tips for Online Reputation Management during Back To School Season

Growing up in Michigan, the Alice Cooper anthem School’s Out for Summer actually meant something to me — a full three solid months of vacation. School age kids did not think of laboring until after Labor Day. Not so in Nashville, Tenn., the home of Raven HQ. A coworker mentioned “child school angst day,” referring to the first day […]

Blue Sky Chicken Falling
By Martin Oxby

August, 2014

I Moved My Site to SSL and the Sky Didn’t Fall

Google doesn’t often disclose ranking signals, but when they do the search marketing industry works itself into a tizzy. A perfect example is its recent announcement that going HTTPS could provide a slight rankings boost. All of a sudden I have seen hosting and domain registrar companies offering SSL certificates “to give that ranking boost.” Here’s […]

Dirty Secrets - New York Times
By Trevin Shirey

Changing the conversation about SEO

Take a gander at recent “news” headlines involving SEO and it’s no surprise most people have a negative perception of search marketing. Forbes tells us about 7 critical SEO mistakes people make. The lesson: SEO is scary. Huffington Post relays a heartwarming story called “True Confessions of a Former SEO Whore.” The lesson: SEO is […]

Wordpress CloudFront SSL
By Jon Henshaw

August, 2014

SSL ALL THE THINGS with WordPress and AWS CloudFront

Before I begin, let’s be honest about you, SEO and SSL. Now that SSL is a supposed ranking factor, you are going to implement it. You can deny it all you want, but you’re going to do it. Everyone knows you’re old school and that you refuse to give into Google’s manipulation of SEOs, but it’s […]

Pinging Search Engines Metaphor
By Nicolette Beard

August, 2014

To Ping or Not To Ping

In the past two days, I received an email with the message, “I’ll ping the copy over to you this week,” and a colleague said, “Ping me when you’re ready to go to lunch.” I don’t know exactly when “ping me” became part of our everyday language. Most likely it originated from within the technology industry. If […]

Zen Master of Marketing
By Nicolette Beard

August, 2014

Why the “Zen Master of Marketing” Chose Raven Tools

Shama Hyder, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, wrote the book on social media marketing, literally. She is the bestselling author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing and an international keynote speaker who has shared the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders, including President Obama and the Dalai Lama. Known as the “Zen […]

Writing for Multiple Audiences
By Julie Neidlinger

August, 2014

The Value of Writing for Multiple Audiences

Once upon a time, everyone stood around the water cooler and talked about the same shows. After all, they’d all watched the same shows the night before. But not anymore. Now, there is a limitless number of ways you can consume thousands of television shows, movies, and videos. You can watch them when you want, […]

Fist Bump
By Tadeusz Szewczyk

August, 2014

The Disconnect Between Outreach Messages and Actual Bloggers

For years I have been receiving numerous outreach messages I simply couldn’t reply to or act upon for a manifold reasons. There seems to be a real disconnect between the outreach messages marketers or PR people send and the reality of actual bloggers who are meant to write about products. I’m going to point out […]

Mobile devices
By Nathan T. Baker

August, 2014

How To Report to Clients in a Mobile World

Marketers prove their worth by delivering reports to the person who pays them. That’s usually either a client or a boss. If your client is like the rest of the world, he or she is increasingly using mobile devices. So make sure when someone views your marketing report, they clearly see this message: You’re kicking ass for […]

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