Pinpoint a Client’s Mobile Page Speed Issues in Minutes

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Page speed had always been a huge deal, even before Google dropped the Mobilegeddon bomb, the unofficial name for Google’s latest algorithm change that gives a slight edge in rankings to mobile-ready websites.

If your website doesn’t load quickly, you’re losing eyeballs and money. On all platforms. Period. We’ve always known this.

“This is just one of over 200 signals we use to evaluate the best results. Non-mobile-friendly sites won’t disappear from mobile search results—they may still rank high if they hold great content the user wants.”


So far, Mobilegeddon hasn’t had as big an impact as some have predicted. Even so, these types of changes take time, and Google often rolls out things in small waves rather than unleashing a tsunami.

Starting the Mobile Conversation

Even if Mobilegeddon didn’t cause the sky to fall in the short term, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great conversation starter with clients.

And, even if Google didn’t make a major algorithm change, optimizing for mobile would still be important. Ever year mobile Internet usage continues to climb.

If you regularly report on your marketing work to clients, you can easily bring up the importance of mobile speed by taking advantage of Raven’s new mobile page speed reporting module.

You can now segment desktop and mobile page speed issues, allowing you to either focus on one area or compare both to see if one is particularly behind.

If a website needs a lot of mobile-readiness work, then changes could make a huge impact. A faster website means visitors are more likely to stay longer and not bounce before buying a product or providing their email address.

Give a Client Your Game Plan in Minutes

page speed report

The new mobile speed reporting module benchmarks how quickly a website loads and shows specific things that can be done to make it faster, including:

  • Mobile speed score
  • Mobile user experience score
  • Page size
  • Load time
  • An analysis of the clickability of links
  • Image optimization issues
  • Opportunities for compacting code
  •  and more

With Site Auditor, you can show how many issues you are cleaning up for a client over time as well, so you can use regular reporting to prove your value as well as keep the conversation going.

How to Report on Mobile Page Speed

Reporting on mobile page speed is incredibly simple in Raven. Both desktop and mobile page speed are now reporting options in all your reports. Here’s how to take advantage of this new reporting option.

Take a Tour

Raven Co-Founder Jon Henshaw shows you how simple it is to create a mobile page speed report.

First Time Using Site Auditor?

Run an SEO site audit

If you haven’t already done so, run an SEO audit on your website. First create a campaign for a new website or navigate to your client’s campaign in Raven. Go to SEO > Site Auditor and click Start Crawl if you don’t already see data.

You’re 5 Steps Away from a Mobile Speed Report

If you already are using Site Auditor with your website, here are the steps to create a mobile page speed report.

1. Go to Reports > Report Builder and click New Report.

Create a report2. Click Add to add a section to your report.

Add a section to your report

3. Click the Site Auditor icon.

Report on on-site SEO issues

4. Select the Mobile Page Speed module.

5. Click Publish Report.

Publish your report

Which Client Needs a Mobile-Readiness Report?

Perhaps more important than being able to find SEO issues on your client’s website is the ability to report on that information.

Being able to create reports quickly with SEO issues makes it much easier to win and keep clients. You can show them specific weakness you can fix, including mobile page speed issues.

Discover mobile page speed opportunities for your clients today.

5 Responses to “Pinpoint a Client’s Mobile Page Speed Issues in Minutes”

  1. Anupam Sinhal

    ​Thank you for writing this post. Very informative. I am struggling with the mobile site loading speed of my site Its an online marketplace for maid agencies Can you suggest me some tips for it

    • Sure! The first thing I’d do would be to log into Raven and check out SEO > Site Auditor > Mobile Page Speed. You’ll see actionable advice that we’ve uncovered. For your site specifically, it looks like you could optimize some images for faster load times, space out links farther apart and rework some javascript and css so less is loading before core content loads.