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See Data for Every YouTube Video in Your Channel

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It’s no secret we’re big YouTube fans at Raven.

For years, we’ve kept our channel freshly loaded with playlists of online trainings, tutorials, customer reviews, interviews and more. It’s become an integral part of our content marketing strategy, as well as a method for communicating with and educating our customers.

Despite the growing push for native video from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube still dominates as the home for video content. In addition to being the world’s second largest search engine, the platform attracts a whopping 1 billion unique viewers a month and offers flexible embedding options for sharing.

While savvy marketers recognize the importance of YouTube, just knowing that 100 hours of video are being uploaded to the platform every minute poses quite a challenge. Content creators are playing a high-stakes game — they must create the highest quality, most engaging videos, or risk being lost.

What’s Up With YouTube

We’re constantly making improvements to our software based on customer feedback. Loyal marketers will be pleased to hear our current metrics and charts have been replaced with YouTube’s API data. You’ll now have the ability to view historic data for all of your videos, rather that just the ones you’ve selected for monitoring.

Additionally, the complete data for every video in your YouTube account will now be displayed, rather than only 10.

Note: This update requires additional permissions for existing users and they will need to re-authorize, but new users will have immediate access. 

These enhancements will allow us to build even deeper reporting for the future!

Getting Friendly With Raven’s YouTube Monitoring

Like most other marketers, we’re constantly testing, measuring and adjusting our strategies based on what we’ve discovered. With the ever-increasing use of video in content marketing, it’s not surprising that YouTube monitoring continues to be one of our most popular online marketing tools.

Once you’ve synced your YouTube channels within Raven, you’ll have easy access to views, comments, and favorites — all in one place.

Dying to know if your YouTube campaign is actually driving traffic to your website? With a few clicks, you’re able to see and report on Google Analytics data that uncovers the results of your hard work.

Reporting YouTube data alongside metrics from your social media channels will quickly reveal the power of the platform and why it’s a worthwhile investment.

Save Time With Raven

We’re always looking for ways to work more efficiently as marketers. For us, this means less time laboring over monitoring and reports.

The growing battle between marketers for even a few fleeting moments of customers’ attention has grown more challenging than ever. Channels are increasingly becoming oversaturated with smart, interesting, or entertaining content.

Where is your limited time best spent: analyzing and reporting, or creating more engaging content?

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