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How much is a tweet worth? A guide to measuring social media

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Most people with jobs have some kind of way to measure whether or not they’re good at said job.

Are you nice to customers? Do you get your work done on time? Are you making the company money? All of these metrics and many more could go into determining whether you’re effective at your work.

Contrary to popular belief, social media is no different.

It’s just that when it comes to social media, it’s not always so simple to figure out what to measure. Social media touches sales, marketing, customer service, community building and more. As a result, there are a million things you could measure, lots of different ways to read the data, and different tools pulling you in lots of directions.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, though. In this 30-minute session of our Online Training Class, we make measuring social media easy. You’ll learn how to define your goals and match them up with real metrics that follow potential customers all the way from learning about you for the first time to becoming your biggest fan.

Raven’s tools that can help

Facebook Metrics: Know exactly which Facebook posts equal success for your brand with Raven’s Facebook metrics. View and report a table of each post along with its type, number of comments and likes, reach and engagement rate. In addition, you can see referral traffic to your website from Facebook.

Twitter Metrics: Not only can you manage as many Twitter accounts as you like in Raven (including Twitter search and Twitter lists), you also get comprehensive Twitter metrics. Measure and report metrics including replies and replies reach, retweets and retweet reach, total mentions, follower growth and referral traffic to your website from Twitter.

YouTube Metrics: Monitor and report views for uploaded and channel videos, subscribers to your channels and referral traffic to your website from YouTube. In addition, you can see advanced stats, including subscribers, comments and favorites for up to 10 videos.

Google Analytics: With Raven’s integration of Google Analytics, it’s a cinch to measure traffic back to your site by day for each social network. Dive even deeper by navigating to Google Analytics > Social. You can see traffic by network, conversions by network, top landing pages and even report a dollar figure for social media actions.

Report Builder: All of Raven’s social media metrics tools allow you to create an instant report based on just the data you’re working with at the time. For a more comprehensive report that you can schedule, Report Wizard makes it a snap to quickly gather all the metrics you need to show a client or boss.

More social media measurement resources

My Social Media Monitoring Schedule: The Day, The Week, The Month: A look at how I use Raven every day (and week, and month…) to manage and monitor social media accounts, nurture customers and brand advocates, assign tasks, stay on top of news and trends and report it all. Maybe some of my tips will help you, too!

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