48 tips for SEO newbies from 48 experienced SEOs

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A few weeks ago, we asked Raven’s Facebook Page fans, who are some seriously experienced SEOs, this question:

“If someone new to SEO asked you for your BEST piece of advice, what would you say?”

Everyone had tips for SEO newbies. A few themes emerged — educate yourself, pay attention to content, find another job. Which advice is most like your own? Click any image to tweet this with your words of wisdom.

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Want to see everything that everyone wrote? (We used excerpts from a couple of our more loquacious fans.) Read the original Facebook post. And be sure to Like Raven’s Facebook Page for more polls, jokes, tips and other stuff you can’t find anywhere else!

Want to know how we made all these images in less than an hour? Check our our post on the best quote photo tools. We used Quozio this time around.

40 Responses to “48 tips for SEO newbies from 48 experienced SEOs”

  1. Carrie Hill

    Beyond a really great list of advice for newbie SEO’s – I have to give big Kudos to the Raven Team for how this is presented. Very inspiring – I’ll try really hard not to rip it off 🙂

  2. Alysson Fergison

    “(We used excerpts from a couple of our more loquacious fans.)…”

    Seriously? Everyone knows you’re talking about me. You could have just called me out by name. 😉 It’s no secret that I’m the bitch who will never STFU, no matter how many times I’m told/begged/ordered to.

    • RavenArienne

      Ooo… I remember yours, Alysson! You had 3 separate, excellent points! 😉 But the knot metaphor was so good, I focused on that. It’s not one that I have heard a million times, and it was different from the other posts.

      Also, our *most* loquacious fan wrote 101 words. You clocked in at 92 😉

  3. Andrew

    Great list with lots of great points. It’s hard to pick one out but ‘First build something great then SEO becomes easy’ is my favourite although clients that want to do this seem few and far between at times..

    Large numbers still think of SEO as an afterthought once a site is complete and expect a mediocre site to rank at the top of the search results and don’t listen to advice and warnings then end up getting ripped off.. If it’s to good too be true it generally is, search engines want quality content not crap..

  4. troyfawkes

    This is really well-done 🙂 Have you considered buffering all of the images and sending them out across social? I wanted to share just a couple of them… 🙂

  5. shaycw

    I like the quote by Rob Woods. “First build something great, then SEO becomes easy.” If you have a great site with great content, it will generate a lot of social shares and natural links. Your personal link building efforts will also become more fruitful when you have something great to share with people.

      • robdwoods

        Thanks all! I think too many people hope SEO can be their savior and aren’t willing to take an honest look at their own business or site and admit that their baby is ugly. Do something to deserve to rank and I’ll help you get there. Be mediocre and eventually there will be nothing SEO can do to save you. You have to be awesome first!

    • RavenCourtney

      Yup, they’re all quotes. They’re originally from a conversation on Raven’s Facebook page, so we designed them differently for a blog post since not all our customers follow every conversation on Facebook.

    • RavenArienne

      Of course there’s more! But our original question, from which these tips came, was this: “If someone new to SEO asked you for your BEST piece of advice, what would you say?” I’m not surprised at the simple answers. In fact, more than one person suggested “Follow the basics” or “Start with basics.” That’s where every newbie should begin 🙂

  6. Grant Simmons

    Cheers for the (two) mentions!
    Great content idea (well done Raven!) and certainly covers some great SEO advice, especially the bit about “marrying someone rich”

    • RavenArienne

      Not sure if I detect a little sarcasm there 🙂 … but I can say I have met many SEOs who pride themselves on independent, critical thinking. A good life tip, and a good SEO tip for newbies.

  7. Ron VanPeursem

    Arrienne! Thanks for putting together such a great collection. One trend I see in here: forget trying to game the search engines! Put together awesome content for people, and then let the SEO sort of “take care of itself”. It’s very refreshing to see this trend growing!

  8. Ron VanPeursem

    Hi, again, Arienne – Loved this (as I already said!), but also included your post in my “Best Marketing Quotes” weekly round-up (yesterday) on my blog. Yea!!

  9. Young Scott

    This article is very interesting, I continue to learn about SEO, especially for geo-targeted pages on Google Indonesia. I have seen this in 2013, SEO is more difficult, since more and more difficult to predict Google. SEOClerks is my 1st choice for hiring SEO professionals.

  10. Spook SEO

    Hi Arienne!
    I love the tips you have shared here. I believe that many newbies will learn a lot from this post. I totally agree with Keith Goode. We really need to follow the guidelines provided by Google. I think tricks and trends change but the guidelines don’t.

  11. I have seen many blogs till now but your presentation of way is too marvelous.Really you helped a lot for me as well beginners. I love one one point that . DO not promise to your clients about rankings 🙂 Thank you so much