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This Side Up - New Zealand Digital Agency Team
By Nicolette Beard

May, 2015

New Zealand Agency Retains Clients With Raven

Photo courtesy of This Side Up There’s no question that Raven has helped this New Zealand digital agency improve their internal workflow which has resulted in greater productivity. That time-saving has translated to happy clients. “Raven has played a definite role in the retention of some clients as it helps us stay on top of […]

lady on phone
By Nathan T. Baker

May, 2015

Pinpoint a Client’s Mobile Page Speed Issues in Minutes

Page speed had always been a huge deal, even before Google dropped the Mobilegeddon bomb, the unofficial name for Google’s latest algorithm change that gives a slight edge in rankings to mobile-ready websites. If your website doesn’t load quickly, you’re losing eyeballs and money. On all platforms. Period. We’ve always known this. “This is just one of […]

Iceberg with YouTube Logo
By Kate Dore

April, 2015

See Data for Every YouTube Video in Your Channel

It’s no secret we’re big YouTube fans at Raven. For years, we’ve kept our channel freshly loaded with playlists of online trainings, tutorials, customer reviews, interviews and more. It’s become an integral part of our content marketing strategy, as well as a method for communicating with and educating our customers. Despite the growing push for […]

By Nicolette Beard

February, 2015

Save Time AND Land More Clients

Many of Raven’s customers rely on our online marketing tools to showcase results after they’ve landed a new client. This Australian agency uses Raven to demonstrate their value before a sale. “Being able to show clients the reports and what they look like before a sale is awesome. Being able to benchmark and show results after […]

Social Media Tree
By Nicolette Beard

January, 2015

Taking Social Media By Storm

When I lived in Southwest Florida, a company named Storm Force sponsored a number of concerts and events during “season.” With that area being prone to hurricanes, their name was apt. While Middle Tennessee has never seen a hurricane, we are prone to tornadoes. And, while Raven HQ has never been hit by a tornado, we have […]

Undercover Boss Logo
By Nicolette Beard

December, 2014

How 1,400 Franchisees Measure Success With Raven

In-house team increases leads 12.38% in just two months Five of The Dwyer Group brands – Aire Serv, Glass Doctor, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Electric and Mr. Rooter – have been awarded Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” status. In fact, Dina Dwyer-Owens, chairwoman and former CEO, was featured on Undercover Boss in 2012. With nearly 1,400 franchisees, […]

Flock of Ravens
By Jon Henshaw

December, 2014

Expect a New Kind of Raven in 2015

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by here at Raven. Raven is now 8-years-old, which I believe in Internet years is somewhere between 62 to 81. Before I jump into what to expect from Raven in 2015, I want to recap the productive year we had in 2014. A look back at Raven […]

export a marketing report to pdf
By Nathan T. Baker

November, 2014

How To Create PDF Marketing Reports Fast

Different clients understand your value in different ways. Some folks just need to hear from you over the phone and they are sold on your vision for making them more money. Some folks need written proof on a schedule. One client might say, “Hey what’s the exact number of sessions from this spike I see […]

Geek Powered Studios Team
By Nicolette Beard

October, 2014

Data Driven Agency Geeks Out With Raven

When Guillermo Ortiz first founded Geek Powered Studios, there were myriad of Internet marketing software apps available to use. Ultimately, he chose Raven Tools for its scalable pricing and time-saving dashboard features. Four years later, Geek Powered Studios is now poised to scale with the tool. When asked what set Raven apart from other SEO management software, […]

twitter superfans
By Nathan T. Baker

October, 2014

You Asked For New Reporting Updates: We Listened

A few weeks ago, we released new reports and a new dashboard in Raven. You can now build online marketing reports in minutes that looks gorgeous on any screen size. Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw showed off new reports in a recent online class if you want a tour. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

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