How Much Is Your Time Worth?

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Picture this scenario: You need to manually generate and send reports to 1,000 clients each month. Even with a simple reporting process of, say, exporting data from Google Analytics to Excel, the task is daunting. Then, add a few charts to improve the look and feel. Now multiply that by 1,000 emails.

You would have an entire team doing nothing but reporting for the whole month!

“Without Raven, we’d be looking at 250 hours per month just with reporting.” Tim Kelsey, Director of Client Marketing, Pronto Marketing

The beauty of Raven’s automated reports is they’re “incredibly easy to set up,” Tim said. And, once they’re set up, you never have to worry about it again. The client will always receive their report on time with the right data in place.

Scalable, automated reports

At first, Pronto Marketing sent reports manually to clients each month, but, as they grew, the process was simply unsustainable.

They also looked at some enterprise-level SEO tools, like Conductor and BrightEdge, but decided they were too complicated for their needs.

“We needed a tool that would allow us to send data to clients in an organized fashion on a regular basis,” Tim said. “We needed a system that could keep up with the demands of our growing client base; Raven has easily been up to the task. The biggest selling point for us was Raven’s scalability.”

Tim’s team spends a few minutes adding each client to their account when they first sign up, schedule their reports and never have to worry about it again.

Proactive with consistent communication

With 1,000 clients, it’s difficult for Pronto Marketing to be in touch regularly with all of them. Raven allows them to be proactive.

“The monthly reports we send through Raven essentially serve as our touch point,” Tim said.

In fact, several times clients have responded to their automated report noting an issue or concern they likely would not have brought up on their own. Pronto Marketing’s support team is then able to jump in and work with the client until the issue is resolved.

Benchmarks and baselines

Besides reporting, Research Central is the workhorse of Raven’s online marketing toolset. Pronto Marketing agrees.

When they’re preparing for an in-depth conversation with a client, the data from Research Central helps them “really dig into a client’s issues or take a close look at their competitors.” Performing SEO diagnostics with the website auditor helps them identify issues the client didn’t know about. Then Pronto Marketing uses Google Analytics to create an online marketing baseline.

Pronto Marketing’s been a Raven customer for four years, so it looks like we’ve scaled right along with them.