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Mobile and Desktop SRCSET Examples
By Jon Henshaw

November, 2015

How to use SRCSET for SEO and UX

There’s a newly standardized HTML attribute used with the IMG element called SRCSET. It’s kind of a big deal because it allows webmasters to display different images based on a device’s screen size without the need for JavaScript or other special code. That means mobile browsers can be served the smaller images, thus speeding up their […]

dog with raven
By Jon Henshaw

October, 2015

Changing on the Inside So We Can Change on the Outside – A Raven Status Report

On the outside, it probably looks like it’s been a quiet year for Raven. However, internally the opposite has been true. At the beginning of 2015 we made some radical, long-term changes. The most significant change had to do with how we create and maintain Raven. The methodology we were using up to that point […]

5 Most Common On-Page SEO Issues
By Jon Henshaw

October, 2015

Learn Which On-Page SEO Issues Hold Back The Average Website

SEO strategies and tactics have changed over the years as search engines like Google continue to tweak their search algorithms. However, what hasn’t changed is the need to fix and optimize sites.

market motive training
By Jon Henshaw

May, 2015

Market Motive: Online Marketing Training at its Best

Editor’s note: A small business owner who doesn’t have the resources to hire a lot of talent found great value in Market Motive. His recent comment on this older post prompted me to make sure it was current. He especially liked that he was able to work the classes around his crazy schedule. If you lack […]

I will not copy
By Jon Henshaw

March, 2015

Detecting Duplicate Content with Raven Just Got Easier

Raven’s Site Auditor now supports canonicalization! The new canonical tag support works in conjunction with our preexisting duplicate content check. Learn how our tool analyzes pages for duplicate content and how the new feature enhances those results.

shopping cart painting
By Jon Henshaw

March, 2015

Tips for Getting E-commerce SEO Right

Most e-commerce sites compete with behemoths like Amazon, eBay or Target. It’s essential that new B2C websites start off with all the advantages they can to counter big brands and big budgets. We wanted to share the advice Raven’s President Jon Henshaw gave in an interview last year. Below, we have republished PrestaShop’s article, part of their SEO Experts series.

Attack of the Referrer Spam
By Jon Henshaw

February, 2015

How To Stop Referrer Spam

Referrer spam is becoming a problem. If you’re not familiar with referrer spam, it’s traffic from bots that impersonate a referral link. The pseudo traffic is designed to make their domain show up in your site analytics so that you’ll visit the site. Why is Referrer Spam a Problem? Aside from junking up your site […]

Must have WordPress Plugins
By Jon Henshaw

January, 2015

8 Must Have WordPress Plugins

When it comes to WordPress, I like to use as few plugins as possible. As WordPress has improved, I’ve been able to drop many of the plugins I’ve used. However, the number of plugins I continue to use and recommend has actually stayed about the same. That’s because each new year brings new vulnerabilities and […]

Flock of Ravens
By Jon Henshaw

December, 2014

Expect a New Kind of Raven in 2015

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by here at Raven. Raven is now 8-years-old, which I believe in Internet years is somewhere between 62 to 81. Before I jump into what to expect from Raven in 2015, I want to recap the productive year we had in 2014. A look back at Raven […]

Shorten URL
By Jon Henshaw

September, 2014

How To Create Your Own URL Shortener With YOURLS

Earlier this year, I wrote about why link shorteners matter for content marketing. In the article, I mentioned how there’s no longer a need to shorten links for social networks like Twitter, but there’s still a need to shorten them in order to get campaign insights using Campaign Variables. The most widely used URL shortener […]

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