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Raven and Slack
By Jon Henshaw

October, 2016

Site Auditor Alerts in Slack

At Raven our team loves using Slack. We know many other companies love using it too, which is why we added support for it in Site Auditor. When you add it to a channel on your Slack team, you’ll get alerts whenever a new site analysis is complete. How to setup Site Auditor Alerts in […]

UX Reporting Updates
By Jon Henshaw

September, 2016

New UX updates for Marketing Reports

If you login to the Marketing Platform right now and go to the Reporting section, things are going to look slightly different. First, we’ve renamed the Report Builder to WYSIWYG Reports. Second, if you became a customer within the last couple of years, you will now see our previous reporting tool called the Report Wizard. […]

Add Site Icon
By Jon Henshaw

August, 2016

How to fix the most common AMP error in WordPress

The AMP plugin for WordPress makes it incredibly easy to support AMP pages on your blog. However, there’s a common structured data validation error for AMP that many blogs experience. That error is “A value for the logo field is required.” This can be fixed by adding a Site Icon in the Site Identity settings […]

Site Auditor
By Jon Henshaw

August, 2016

New Site Auditor for SEO Analysis

Have you ever made something that worked well, but afterwards you knew it could be made even better? That was the situation we were in with the Site Auditor. Aside from our Report Builder, the Site Auditor has been the most popular tool in our Marketing Platform, and we wanted to make it better – […]

Mobile and Desktop SRCSET Examples
By Jon Henshaw

November, 2015

How to use SRCSET for SEO and UX

There’s a newly standardized HTML attribute used with the IMG element called SRCSET. It’s kind of a big deal because it allows webmasters to display different images based on a device’s screen size without the need for JavaScript or other special code. That means mobile browsers can be served the smaller images, thus speeding up their […]

5 Most Common On-Page SEO Issues
By Jon Henshaw

October, 2015

Learn Which On-Page SEO Issues Hold Back The Average Website

SEO strategies and tactics have changed over the years as search engines like Google continue to tweak their search algorithms. However, what hasn’t changed is the need to fix and optimize sites.

market motive training
By Jon Henshaw

May, 2015

Market Motive: Online Marketing Training at its Best

In a previous article mentioning Market Motive, I wrote that I’d be happy to write a review if granted access. Well, Market Motive took me up on that offer and gave me free access to their service for a full month. This was soon after they launched and the quality of their program has only […]

I will not copy
By Jon Henshaw

March, 2015

Detecting Duplicate Content with Raven Just Got Easier

Raven’s Site Auditor now supports canonicalization! The new canonical tag support works in conjunction with our preexisting duplicate content check. Learn how our tool analyzes pages for duplicate content and how the new feature enhances those results.

shopping cart painting
By Jon Henshaw

March, 2015

Tips for Getting E-commerce SEO Right

Most e-commerce sites compete with behemoths like Amazon, eBay or Target. It’s essential that new B2C websites start off with all the advantages they can to counter big brands and big budgets. We wanted to share the advice Raven’s President Jon Henshaw gave in an interview last year. Below, we have republished PrestaShop’s article, part of their SEO Experts series.

Attack of the Referrer Spam
By Jon Henshaw

February, 2015

How To Stop Referrer Spam

Referrer spam is becoming a problem. If you’re not familiar with referrer spam, it’s traffic from bots that impersonate a referral link. The pseudo traffic is designed to make their domain show up in your site analytics so that you’ll visit the site. Why is Referrer Spam a Problem? Aside from junking up your site […]