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Using Online Surveys 📋 to Generate Killer Content

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Killer content ensures your articles will get shared, talked about, and in turn linked. The more links you generate, the higher your content gets ranked, and the more money you (or client) earns.

Any piece of content you produce should help readers accomplish a specific goal. Imagine if your client was an employee recruiting firm. If you surveyed HR managers, like Market Research Today did, you would have found out that 58% of HR managers spend less than one minute looking at a resume!

This type of data can be the base for an entire article.

You could create a how to guide on resume formats, with the focusing on readability and length, to ensure that the “less than one minute” is spent effectively. A guide like this could include multiple infographics and links to authoritative sources, further strengthening your content.


Your Readers are Looking for Specific Data

When you do an online search, wouldn’t it be nice to find the answer in one article? Of course! Get the information you need without having to click a million things or Google a ton of phrases.

Content with hard data is more likely to answer multiple questions readers may have. Sticking with the example on HR managers, an article about resume length with data, would provide users a reason on why they need a short resume, how to create the perfect resume, and if you took your survey a step further, give examples of resumes HR managers find most appealing.

Content like this would cover every base possible for creating a resume.

The more specific your article is, the more likely is it to contain long tail keywords. Profitworks, ran a studying showing long tail keywords convert 2.5x more than head keywords.

Create content with survey data

Now we’re getting somewhere! Content with survey data can answer multiple questions, help produce long tail keywords, and in turn conversion (and dollars) for your client.

Sound good so far!

Surveys Produce Catchy Headlines

Anyone can write a blog post. But if no one reads it, will it accomplish any goal? Nope!

What if you saw an article labeled “90% of businesses feel like they can’t’ trust their SEO firm”. Would you click on that? I know I would. Might find out what customers in the marketing and SEO game really want and how to improve.

Clicks are so import (duh) in generating traffic. The more catchy your titles are, the more likely users are to click, and in-turn promote your content.

Tips on Capturing Great Data From Your Surveys

If you create an online survey, you’ll want to make sure you can grab a really cool statistic to get attention. But how can you do this?

You can look at a standard summary report, question by question, and you might find some useful data. But does it tell the whole story? Is it really an earth shattering find?

Maybe, but digging deeper into your data might be even better!

Cross tabulation is a great way to take data the next level. Let’s say you took a survey of 100 people asking them what type of degree they hold along with their state of residence. You might find that an unexpected state has high level of master’s degrees than others.

Any type of unexpected relationship would make for a great title to generate clicks, and of course great content for people to read.

Creating a Successful Survey

  1. Keep it brief – no one wants to answer 20 questions. Only include the questions you need, and keep the question itself short
  2. Add an incentive – motivation is important in getting people to act. Give people a discount or a promo code for a purchase upon survey completion
  3. Share, share, share! Post the survey on Facebook, email it to past clients, and place it in articles you’re currently writing. The bigger the sample size, the better
  4. Use images and logos: add spice to your survey to better engage the audience. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to complete the survey


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