Raven-Symone vs. Raven Internet Marketing Tools

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Others are in doubt, but I am in the camp that Google’s Instant Search may actually promote long tail keyword search queries because the user is prompted to refine their search. I take issue with industry experts who say people ultimately are too stupid to be more specific when searching on Google. Well, maybe their clients are, but certainly not Raven clients.

If this actually were the case, Raven Internet Marketing Tools would be in direct competition with the last Cosby Kid.

Olivia: The Last Cosby Show Kid

Now better-known as Raven-Symone, the Disney tween sensation.


We would be losing all of our traffic because at any mention of Raven on Google Instant, the SERPs immediately show results for her.

Google Instant Raven Search

I refuse to believe that people intending to search for us cannot tell the difference between Raven-Symone and Raven Internet Marketing Tools. If so, users would either stop typing and give up looking for us, or think we’re the same entity and sign up for a Raven-Symone Agency Account.

But, wait. For the people who are able to move beyond a one-word search query, as soon as they begin typing the second word, we are lost again. This time, to birds:

Google Instant Raven In Search

It isn’t until a person types all the way to the “r” in “internet” that the Raven Tools website is automatically populated by Google Instant. Who knows how much money we may have lost because it takes 10 letters (11 characters) for us to finally show up on Google Instant? Who has time for all that typing in the post-long-tail era?

Google Instant Raven Inter Search

We do have a slight advantage if people go straight to typing “Raven Tools.” Google Instant populates results for our website as soon as the “t” is entered.

Google Instant Raven Tools

This Does Not Bode Well

But there is still something unsetting about that result directly under “Raven Tools” in Google Suggest.

Raven TNA

For those who don’t know, I’m a professional wrestling fan, and this suggestion is referring to the professional wrestler Raven, who currently wrestles for the promotion Total Nonstop Action, or TNA.  

Raven TNA

Now if I know professional wrestlers (since not only do I have a wrestling background, but I have also met a couple professional wrestlers, which makes me an expert) this guy is PISSED. This is a man who has had matches where the ring ropes were removed and replaced with barbed wire.

To make matters worse, the TNA offices are located in Cummins Station in Nashville, Tenn., only a few blocks away from the Raven Internet Marketing Tools office.

Two Ravens in the same town? This means only one thing:




Raven-Symone Wrestling


Alfred Hitchcock The Birds

ummm. . . RAVEN

Raven TNA


Nate Griffin The Tiniest Raven

This fight is for the birds!

Doors at 6 p.m. 7:30 bell time.**

*Editor’s Note 1: Nate Griffin is a little guy, little enough to be dubbed the Tiniest Raven at Raven Tools during the 2010 SES San Francisco conference. He asked his mother to scan and email a photo of him as an 8-year-old wrestler for this post. This makes him either a) awesome b) also the Largest Raven Tool, or c) both.

**Editor’s Note 2: Not seriously.

12 Responses to “Raven-Symone vs. Raven Internet Marketing Tools”

  1. I vote B –

    Otherwise, fully agree with the premise of the value to the longtail. Now that the shock of the Instant newness is wearing off, most people are coming to the realization that Search has not been killed. If anything, Search, i.e. information retrieval, is being more explicitly supported.

    Now, on to protecting myself from the Disney Destructor…

  2. Too funny – Your pictures of the cosby kid made me read on..I am in direct competition with three sorts of couriers in Australia

    1) Jim courier ( famous tennis player )
    2) Courier as in Newspapers
    3) My actual competition …real couriers

    Have a great day Rob

  3. 1) while i love your posts, sir Nate the Tiniest Wrestling Giant E.V.E.R., I also would just point out that the Google algo did suggest (for the stupid users) the term “raven seo” in your first example. And as I just now performed the same query of “raven ” (space included, folks), I find a different set of suggestions, but still with “raven tools” as the fourth one down the list.

    But this is, naturally, not quite the point you were making. Or it might be. My sleep meds are still wearing off.

    2) I would contest that your Mom is (a) a genius for her age bracket for even being able to scan the photo, and (b) I agree with Timothy Nobles “vote B.” Sorry, Tool.

  4. So, ultimately, instant search hasn’t really changed anything. Google has been giving their suggestions to these searches for quite a while. As such, a search starting with raven, pre-instant-search, would have suggested that you wanted to search for raven-symone. Since you would know that’s not the Raven you were looking for, you’d continue typing until something like “Raven Internet Marketing Tools” showed up. In effect, the only difference with Instant Search is that we’re seeing the results that go with the suggested query.

    I’m in the camp that instant search promotes the long tail because I instantly know that if I stop typing with just “raven” I’m going to get the wrong results.

  5. I agree with Jason.
    Actually, I mentioned this in a meeting Friday, so it’s nice to see I’m on the same page as Raven.

    It seems long tailed searches may be better targets for the Google Instant, if you’ve done the proper SEO on your internal pages to be pulled. It may narrow the broad number of long tailed searches, but there’s no way GI will reduce user searches to one or two words per query.

    If that were the case no one would use search because it would be pointless (Raven = Disney, birds, wrestlers, etc) you’d have to dig through results for days before you found a handful of the proper results.

    No thanks. GI seems to be more of a fad to me. Really, how hard is it to hit “enter”? And while it’s apparently saves hundreds of hours per day, I wonder if that’s more for automated searches than for end users. Really, how much time do you save for skipping “enter”?

  6. Jason: great addition to my point, that Instant is just an extension of Suggest.

    Kristen: I don’t see Instant as a fad either though. I think there is a huge benefit for users who actually search from Google.com The idea of suggested keywords was integrated to both Yahoo and Micro-Live-Bing, and I can see Instant eventually being adopted by Bing.

    For users that search from toolbars, try the Inquisitor plugin for Safari and Firefox. I’ve been using this for a while now, and it’s like Instant wherein it suggests the website from the toolbar results. And it was first, so that makes it totally hip.

  7. Nate – I can see that. Suggested queries have been helpful and I don’t believe that will go away.

    By “fad” I meant I believe the buzz is high now, as it’s still shiney and new, but I don’t think the thrill of it will last long.

    I’m very interested in seeing what effects it will have to SEO and, potentially, paid search (by pulling variations advertisers may not have considered).

    I’ll check out the Firefox toolbar, thanks for the tip.

  8. The most obvious change is that you get to the right content much faster than before because you don’t have to finish typing your full search term, or even press “search.” Another shift is that seeing results as you type helps you formulate a better search term by providing instant feedback. You can now adapt your search on the fly until the results match exactly what you want. In time, we may wonder how search ever worked in any other way.