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Raven Launches Email Marketing Tool with Support for Campaign Monitor & MailChimp

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Email Marketing with campaign monitor and mailchimpIt’s in our name: Raven Internet Marketing Tools. And “Internet Marketing” is more than SEO, SERPs and social media. For many businesses, email marketing campaigns are critical to retaining customers, and getting new ones. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new email marketing tool — a tool that makes it easy to monitor and report on Campaign Monitor and MailChimp campaigns, two of our favorites.

Connect to Campaign Monitor or MailChimp

Campaign Monitor and MailChimp both provide an API that makes it easy to connect your account to Raven. After you add your API key, Raven will retrieve your data and enable you to monitor and report on your email campaigns.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Unlike other email marketing services, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp automatically include campaign variables with their links. That allows Raven to retrieve site traffic from Google Analytics for each email campaign. We look forward to adding more email marketing services to the tool when they include campaign variables.

Report on Goals and Ecommerce

The Campaign Monitor and MailChimp integration with Raven gets even better if you’ve set up Goals or Ecommerce in Google Analytics. Raven can display and report conversions and sales that are related to each email marketing campaign.

Email marketing report on Ecommerce goal tracking

Add Campaigns to the Event Manager

We also made it easy to add email campaigns to the Event Manager. Simply click on the Add Event link for any email campaign, and an event will be instantly created. Once email campaigns are added to the Event Manager, they’ll be displayed on Analytics and Ranking History graphs.

Professional Email Campaign Reports

The best part of the Campaign Manager and MailChimp integration is the ability to create informative and professional PDF reports for managers and clients. You can create individual reports, or include them within a more comprehensive Internet marketing report.

Mailchimp email campaign report

The Raven Email tool is available for Pro, Agency and Enterprise users.

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