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When Google’s Small Business Marketing Team asked the small business community what was on the wish list for the new year, the responses gave us all something to think about. Through the responses, managers and business owners can learn about the top-of-mind strategies of their colleagues and competitors. And marketers have an opportunity to address the explicitly requested needs of small business.

Google categorized the requests into three main categories: move my business online, grow my business and love my business. It’s no surprise that they all stem from passion and a desire to provide a better customer experience. Because Raven Internet Marketing Tools has been helping customers do just that through marketing intelligence and simplified task management, Raven makes these three wishes more attainable.

Optimizing an online presence

The first category of requests is focused on cultivating a full-spectrum online presence — be it through the website, search, social media and other online channels that bring customers to the business. Continue to keep your brand active, reaching out to current and potential customers through current channels and developing a presence in new ones.

On-site, a blog can add relevant content valued by a target audience. The Raven Tools Blog Manager allows publishers to post, schedule and optimize blog content from one place.

If a business is creating or interested in experimenting with video content, the new YouTube Monitor delivers YouTube video metrics that include views, comments and favorites.

In the rapidly changing space of social networks, the value of diving into conversations, deeply engaging communities and evaluating social media sentiment can’t be overstated.

social media senitment monitor

With the right tools and resources, being everywhere at once is more possible than ever.

Growing in all directions

Increasing profits, gaining customers and growing the business is a constant on any business wish list. As technology evolves, the means to those ends rely on tools to improve visibility across online channels. As marketing campaigns progress, the Raven Tools Contact Manager performs an important role by organizing the growing network of relationships and links that represents a business’s online success.

Of course, continued growth requires an understanding of what efforts are effective and driving conversions. Direct marketing including email generate conversions, which can be tracked through the Email Campaign Monitor. The tool can also be integrated with Google Analytics to report when goals are achieved via email campaigns.

email campaign monitor

Beyond email, the Event Manager draws the complete picture of marketing successes across multiple conversion funnels and any action considered an Internet marketing event. When you’re growing online, you’ll know it.

Marketing education and networking

Finally, a portion of responses concentrated on knowledge transfer as a means of propelling business forward. Believing in empowerment through education, the Raven Internet marketing training webinar series and Q&A discussions help customers become power users of the tools. Every week, Raven team members highlight efficient use of the tools with actionable goals in mind, from researching to management to monitoring to reporting. Also, in their monthly podcast, Taylor and Jon share their personal favorite tools to achieve online marketing objectives.

Networking on and offline plays into the goals of growth through education. Links are a representation of a business’s online network, understood by search engines as a connection signifying authority and relevance. Through the Site Finder, you can focus resource-intensive link building efforts on high-value targets.

There’s much to learn from the lessons of peers and competitors, and much to gain from alliances and friendships. Know that your small business has a friend and ally in Raven.

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