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Introducing Raven’s free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

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I love data.

I’m particularly fascinated by what you can learn in your website’s analytics to help improve both your marketing and your user’s experience. For both Raven Tools and my personal websites, I’ve always turned to Google Analytics.

What I don’t love is how difficult it is to figure out how to customize Google Analytics to get the kind of data I care about. Unless you’re a seasoned analytics pro or a savvy developer, you’ve probably run into the same problem over and over again: you know what data you need in Google Analytics, but you don’t know how to get it.

Enter the new Google Analytics Configuration Tool. Better known as GA Config.

Raven's free Google Analytics Configuration Tool

One consistent resource, once and for all

I dreamed up GA Config because I found there were two topics I constantly needed help with:

  1. Setting up my Google Analytics Events
  2. Creating URLs with Campaign Variables

As I mined through the bottomless Google Analytics knowledge base and countless posts from Google Analytics experts, I noticed a trend: advice was inconsistent and, in many cases, outdated. So with the help of LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I put together tutorials and tools to simplify the setup process once and for all.

Here’s a sample of what you can configure with GA Config:

Currently GA Config offers support for 12 configurations, most of which exist in the Events section.

Configuring your Google Analytics

To use GA Config, you’ll need to be using Google Universal Analytics tracking code.

GA Config will do all of the heavy lifting for you. As you progress through any individual section and add information or make selections, additional options will appear. The finished product: the exact Google Analytics code you need to add to your website. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and place the code in the right places.

GA event tracking code for affiliate links


Naturally, you might wonder how Raven can protect your privacy with a tool like this. That’s easy: we don’t store any data with this tool. There are no accounts you create or anything that would allow us to see your sensitive information.

It’s also important to note that this tool is an independent Google Analytics configuration tool and not associated with Google in any way.

So give Raven’s free Google Analytics Configuration Tool a try now. I know Dave Minchala is already a fan of the new tool, thanks to a sneak peek. He’s such a fan, we had to redact his… enthusiasm… a little bit.

Thanks, Dave!

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