Focus on the SEO metrics that matter

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Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to sell to clients: “We’ll get you on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.”

Here’s the sort of thing SEOs used to report to clients: “You’re ranking 2 on Page 1 in Google for your keyword.”

Things have changed since then. Clients are now demanding SEO performance reports that show how SEO actually matters to their business goals.

Earlier this month at SMX West, I gave a presentation about what clients really need and want today, which includes more organic traffic, more targeted traffic, more conversions and more money!

SEO performance metrics that actually matter from Raven Tools

Our free guide to SEO metrics to report

How do we make the switch? A new era of metrics and reporting requires a new guidebook.

28 SEO Metrics To Report, By Raven Tools

Today, SEOs need to pitch clients on a variety of metrics that will meet the client’s goals and have a real and measurable impact on their business. For the client to buy in, the connection between the SEO metrics and the business goals needs to be clear.

Raven’s new guide, 28 SEO Metrics To Sell and Report to Clients, helps SEOs make that connection.

The guide is thorough enough to help SEOs looking for metrics to report and clear enough to share and discuss with clients.

It’s time for a shift in thinking for SEOs and what they report to clients. We’re ready. Are you?

Download the guide. Use it to educate your clients (and yourself). Share it with others.

And let us know what you think.

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  1. Spook SEO

    Thanks Raven! This article is really helpful. I’ve been looking for great SEO metrics so that I could satisfy my clients. Anyway, thanks for sharing the guide. I will be using it big time!