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Raven's website audit software is a winner among SEO pros.

"Raven's Website Auditor tool is great for biz dev as it shows the prospect what's wrong extremely simply."
Daniel Clutterbuck

Daniel Clutterbuck
Cofounder, Webtise

Start fixing SEO issues and track progress.

Site Auditor dissects all the on-page and behind the scenes code, revealing growing problems. You decide what website SEO health issues to fix, based on your unique website audit report. Set the frequency of regular crawls, then compare results over time to track improvement.

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SEO Website Auditor

"We subscribe to Moz and SEMRush too, but neither fulfill the scale of reporting we need."
Chris West

Chris West
Digital Marketing Specialist, Media Heroes

Get the summary report and the nitty gritty.

Site Auditor Details

With one glance at the Site Auditor summary, you see an overall picture of a website's SEO health. Zoom in on any category, and Site Auditor presents specific details about what pages need SEO attention and why, like

  • Broken links, nofollow links
  • Duplicate errors
  • Google Analytics code missing
"The ability to generate reports that tell more about a website than a prospect knows is the key to building business using Raven."
Josh London

Josh London
SEO Consultant

X-ray anyone's website for technical issues.

Better onsite SEO is key to better visibility. Get a detailed look at your website's issues with Raven's SEO website audit reporting software. Prioritize SEO issues with a snapshot of your website’s performance. Get a website audit report in mere seconds.

Raven's Site Auditor automatically crawls any website to gather data about key technical SEO areas and supports Google's latest requirements, such as page speed and mobile responsive design.

"Raven lets us quickly benchmark stats and then rally to move the needle."
Guillermo Ortiz

Guillermo Ortiz
CEO, Geek Powered Studios

Pitch new SEO clients with expert insight.

Site Auditor Summary View

Lots of Raven customers keep prospective client websites in Raven. Run a Site Auditor check on a potential client's website. Bring the report summary to your first meeting. We’re pretty sure you'll land a new client.