Dear Raven, Where’d you get your name?

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When I joined Raven, I was excited that our name and logo was so sexy. On my first day, Alison gave me a Raven shirt and I put it on right then and there. Raven fits. But why does the Raven brand fit so well?

I put my research hat on to learn the details of how our name came into being over three years ago. I found the answers when I sat down with Raven’s co-founder, Jon Henshaw.

The short answer is Jon came up with the name, and he was influenced by a few things.

“I really liked how the O’Reilly books and other services would pick an animal that became an icon that was easy to remember. I can’t not think about the company when I see a raven — which is the idea,” Jon said.

Ravens have unique characteristics, of course.

My first Raven shirt

My first day of work in my first Raven shirt.

“Ravens are considered, along with crows, some of the smartest birds on the planet. It’s a good, strong brand. It’s easy to remember and it’s something we want to be associated with: they’re cunning. They’re inventive,” Jon said.

Just as ravens are some of the smartest birds on the planet, our Ravens strive to be the same.

But our desire to be smart and inventive goes beyond branding and into helping as many Internet marketers as possible. At the time Raven was founded, Jon had a pretty clear vision of what was missing from the Internet marketing industry.

  1. There wasn’t a platform where marketing tools could talk to each other.
  2. There wasn’t great software to centralize the efforts of a single marketing team.
  3. There wasn’t an efficient way to send reports to clients.

These are just the first three needs that Raven began tackling. Raven regularly fills new needs, yet the branding remains constant. “The software is about our product road map, not the brand name. I just think of the long-term vision of the product. The name is fortunately broad enough that we could be doing anything.” Jon said.

We gets thousands of messages a year with small and large bits of advice on how we can improve Raven — and we listen very closely. Without your feedback, we wouldn’t know what the industry needs next.

So in many ways, the story of our name is in your hands. We wouldn’t be as smart and innovative as we are today if it weren’t for you.