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Capybara SEO Trusts Raven Tools to Manage Over 80 Clients

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Case Study: Capybara SEO Trusts

Capybara SEO has been using Raven Tools for over 2 years, trusting in the software capabilities for reporting and auditing. The online tool is an important part of a full set of online tools that the company uses to streamline the work and effectively manage a group of around 15 collaborators, from office or home, any day of the week.

Company Overview

The capybara (also known as “sachavaca”, “ronsoco” or “carpincho”) is the largest living rodent in the world, native from South America. It can be found in the forests of Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Peru. Henry Silva, CEO at Capybara SEO, decided that the name would somehow look attractive and exotic for his clients, who initially came from European countries.

Although he can’t say the name worked as expected, he is proud to say that the company has had constant growth and has kept their company values as they’ve scaled to become one of the few digital marketing companies in Latin America dedicated exclusively to Search Engine Optimization. Capybara SEO works with around 80 clients from Peru, Chile, Argentina and the United States.

The Problem

Capybara SEO services usually cover the following areas:

  • SEO Optimized web design
  • Content marketing
  • SEO audits and consultancy
  • Developing long-term SEO strategies.

These services are still not as popular as PPC, Social, Network and Web Design services, but the demand is growing every year. The Capybara team is always looking for tools they can trust in its goal to provide increasing value while automating as much as possible to save valuable resources as a growing agency. The main problem we were trying to solve was reporting.

We have always hated the common practice popular in many companies: delivering end-of-month PPT reports from data gathered manually from different platforms with dozens of slides with screenshots and KPIs that involve hours of no-brain repetitive work.

We wanted to deliver monthly KPI reports in a timely manner for all of our clients, and invest those “free” hours in training the team and our clients on how to effectively read and understand the valuable data on those reports. Of course, we also wanted these reports to look really nice and professional!

Our Company’s Solution

The trial version of Raven Tools was really helpful. We were able to play around with the tool and build and test all sort of reports until we found the ones that could fit into our marketing methodology. The extra capabilities of the software were really a nice surprise as well.

The auditing tools are something we could not live without.


Site Auditor Studio

The company clients adapted to the new reporting system really quickly, and valued the time that the team executives were now investing in meetings that would help them understand the data they were receiving. We also spent some time investing internally in order to make sure that Raven Tools integrations were correctly setup, and standards had to be developed so each client could receive the exact same report each month.

The Site Auditor came as an added bonus that caught the eyes of the team from day one. It gave everyone a clear view of the client’s website status, including the number of incidences to solve and the degree of importance for each of them. We now include all this data in a different set of reports to show our clients how the strategy covers aspects that otherwise, they’d never notice.


Improved productivity, happier team, and happier clients who, as an added bonus, refer new clients every month.

Example of the WYSIWYG reports at Raven Tools.

Example of the WYSIWYG reports at Raven Tools.

The team has WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) reporting templates for potential clients (pre-audit report), auditory and consultancy clients (full audit reports) and long-term SEO clients (monthly seo report). All company reports evolve as Raven Tools presents new capabilities, and the account executives learn more every day in order to take full advantage of all the available modules in Raven Tools.

Not everything is perfect, as there are still certain problems that the team would like the tool to overcome in the near future: language customization (having descriptions in Spanish for the different incidences in Site Auditor would be great), keyword research doesn’t work for certain countries so the executives have to look it up directly from Adwords Keyword Tool, and Capybara SEO still uses a different tool for regular keyword tracking in Google SERPs [but keep your eyes peeled for an interesting announcement on that topic soon].

Capybara SEO team in Lima, Peru

The team considers Raven Tools support team as another benefit. Tickets are solved usually within 24 hours, they receive proper follow-ups, and responses are clear and direct. We also constantly read the blog and, wanted our own case study to be featured.

The average client retention time in Capybara SEO is 18 months, and we are working to improve it. We really invest a lot of time and effort in order to make sure that potential clients understand what SEO is all about, and we believe Raven Tools is an important part of an ecosystem we have created that provides value and professionalism. It’s the least we can do considering that our clients are trusting their time and money in a project that may require months of work before providing a positive ROI”.

If you’re interested in looking at the tool, Raven wrote up an Ultimate Guide to Raven Tools which breaks down the various aspects of the tool.

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