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Top 10 SEO 👩‍🔬Experiments Of 2018 Published On Twitter

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What are twitter 👩‍🔬 SEO Experiments?

👩‍🔬 SEO experiments are small, straightforward weekly tests and/or aggregation of interesting data that aim to develop a deeper understanding of search engines (particularly Google).

Occasionally (okay, most times) SEO experiments involve breaking best practices to simply understand what happens. This often inspires a greater appreciation for why best practices exists, but sometimes shows unexpected results!

Personally, my favorite aspect of the experiments relates to the conversations in each of the threads. SEOs with differing experiences are given a forum to share what they’ve seen, their thoughts on why something is happening, and ultimately, we all get to grow, becoming better digital marketers together!

Important note: Many SEO experiments are micro-testing. Because of this the information does not translate to all results. They’re simply interesting data points to consider and test when strategically relevant.

Where can I find all of these SEO Experiments?

All of the SEO Experiments are collected in the 2018 SEO Experiment Moment. I also recommend you follow Adam (@Adoubleagent)’s Technical SEO Tests.

Top 10 – 2018 SEO Experiments:

10. The amount Google crawls sites correlating with traffic groups

9. Amazon rich results without markup

8. Timed JavaScript that dynamically counted seconds to update title tag updated at 19 seconds

7. CTR by device by industry CTR data showed some surprising results

6. Resource hinting performance testing

5. Featured snippet analysis

4. JavaScript and tagging experiments (including: title, meta data, noindex, and canonical tweets)

3. SEO Tools using HTML or JavaScript/DOM thread

2. Rich results CTR for ecommerce sites

1. CTR by industry


Why do SEO experiments?

I was enchanted by Vaidehi Joshi’s basecs Medium blog, in which she published an article every week throughout 2017 relating to basic computer science concepts. Her dedication and commitment to publishing and deepening both her and community member’s knowledge was inspiring. When reflecting on 2018 goals, I wanted to do something that was consistent, that would push me to learn more about SEO, and would be a source for transparent, open information sharing. SEO Experiments were my way of combining thought interests.

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