How Millennials Can Prove Their Social Media Skills

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As a young marketing professional, you’re probably hustling to impress your employers by sharing brilliant ideas, working hard to execute them, and proving your strategies convert.

In an industry that’s changing incessantly, you’re faced with the challenge of proving yourself daily. It’s essential to stay on top of social media marketing and the latest trends or risk being left behind.

While social media marketing’s importance has grown, studies have shown only 20% of chief marketing officers are using these tools to engage and collaborate with customers. Companies may be missing key opportunities to create cross-platform experiences that can help forge customer loyalty.

Are there opportunities for millennials to fill these gaps while providing value to their employers?

Where Millennials Fall Short

Just because technology may be second nature to millennials doesn’t mean it’s their fast-track up the corporate ladder, points out Dan Schawbel, Founder of Millennial Branding and The New York Times’ bestselling author of Promote Yourself.

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, cited millennials’ lack of knowledge about social media analytics as a major weakness and pointed out many young professionals are unable to quantify what works.

While they may intuitively know what drives engagement, they may not understand why a campaign is successful, what data to look for, and how to present this information in a manner that’s easy to digest.

Holmes also stated millennials may have difficulty censoring themselves and public blunders have been known to cost jobs with 93% of recruiters inspecting the social media profiles of job applicants.

Millennials need to break past their dated reputations as workplace divas and make better use of their strengths. After all, they are the most educated, connected, and tech-savvy generation in history and should be using this to their advantage.

Easy, Automated Reports with Raven

Although two thirds of marketers are regularly analyzing their social media activities, only about one third is able to measure the ROI. Despite this discrepancy, these same marketers have seen lead generation benefits from spending as little as six hours a week on social media.

This suggests a need for more consistent data, but perhaps companies aren’t able to allocate the time or resources needed to make this happen.

CEO of award-winning marketing company, The Marketing Zen Group, and bestselling author, Shama Hyder, uses Raven Tools to prove their success across numerous social media marketing campaigns, specifically by showing increases in engagement and reach.

Monitoring their clients’ campaigns on a daily basis provides her social media team with the opportunity for a more agile approach, pivoting quickly as needed.

As an authoritative voice in social media, millennials should follow Shama’s example by using tools like Raven’s social metrics and reporting to quickly prove their value to their employers and clients. Because a comprehensive, interactive online marketing report can be created in minutes, young professionals will have more time for accomplishing what they really need — hands-on experience.

The conversation about millennials in the workplace seems to be changing for the better, and companies now strive to attract and keep this demographic happy. More than 5 million people on LinkedIn claim to be social media experts.