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Linkbait Ideas to Help Your SEO Campaign

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Using linkbait is a great way of attracting traffic to your website or blog. The only factor you’re limited by is your own imagination. Whether you run a sports blog or are part of a corporate website setup, linkbait should be part of your SEO campaign. If executed correctly, it can have a significant impact. Of course, all of these techniques may not apply to your website, but you should get some mileage out of several of these linkbaiting techniques:

  1. Tools
  2. Quizzes
  3. Contests
  4. Be First
  5. Scoops
  6. Exposé
  7. Awards
  8. Lists
  9. Humor
  10. Make someone famous
  11. Create belonging/community
  12. Design
  13. Rants
  14. Controversy
  15. Attack
  16. Shock
  17. Research and Statistics
  18. Give something away
  19. Usefulness
  20. Cool Factor

Head on over to ProBlogger to read 20 Linkbaiting Techniques and to get a more in depth description for each technique.

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