Why and how to use Facebook Comments on your blog


Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

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  • Emily

    If you’re willing to share why, I’d love to know why you moved to Disqus and away from FB comments…

    • RavenCourtney

      Hey Emily,
      We’ve been getting to know Disqus and have been thinking on a post like that. I’ll tell you that from a community management point of view Facebook Comments muddied the waters a lot. With the sharing integration built in, readers would comment to share with specific friends, start conversations with others who had different privacy settings, etc. It got really hard to know when the conversation needed to be owned by Raven and when to stay out of it. With Disqus, we can house the conversation in one place, which is nice. But yes, blog post forthcoming!

      • Craig Gilhooly

        You’ve convinced me, changed my mind and convinced me again Courtney! That’s pretty special! 😀

  • raven

    nice one

  • MadMagyar

    Aside from the fact that I absolutely HATE FascistBook and everything to do with it on principle, they change their so-called “privacy policy” every few weeks and make it increasingly undecipherable. Creating an account that would hopefully give me a sense of privacy, made things even worse, as logging into that one merely locks up a comment. Guess they (FB and sites that use it) don’t like the fact that there are no “real names”, no other email addresses or FB “friends” linked to it. I gave up on that waste of electrons long ago, as have many of the more intelligent members of the human species, and merely refuse to leave comments on sites that can’t rise above their addiction to that bane of the internet. It’s a shame that so many have been sucked into that whirlpool, because as Mike Masnick at TechDirt.com pointed out, “TechCrunch Admits That Using Facebook Comments Drove Away Most Of Their Commenters” http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130123/03271121761/techcrunch-admits-that-using-facebook-comments-drove-away-most-their-commenters.shtml

    I bet it’s driven away most commenters from most other sites, too.

    FaceBook is not a social media, it’s a social disease.

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  • Ryan Key

    Great post, I think Facebook comments are a great tool for social media marketers.

  • Teagan

    You do need to remember that by choosing Facebook comments you are automatically excluding everyone who either doesn’t have a Factbook account (and yes that is still the majority of the world, and even very large numbers in places like the US when you discount business accounts, multiples, and all those accounts that kids – and pets – aren’t suppose to have).

    And you also are refusing comments from anyone who prefers not to use their account on non-Facebook sites.

    That’s a heck of a lot of people you don’t want to hear from and certainly skews the range of useful comments you could receive.

    I had a personal FB account but used it so seldom (as my friends virtually never used it either). So I did some housekeeping last year and shut it, along with lots of other accounts I once signed up for but never used like Yahoo and Remember the Milk, all of which can be useful but otherwise just become cyberjunk repositories.

    I have a work FB account but I certainly won’t use that outside work issues and never for signing into anything but FB.

    So thanks for keeping the ‘guest’ comment option open on this blog :->

    • RavenCourtney

      All good points! We actually switched to Disqus comments a while back, due in no small part to some of the points you raise. As Raven’s community manager, I found Facebook Comments really confusing and not so conducive to the great discourse we want on our blog.

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  • dani


  • transmission rochester

    Nice and very informative.. thanks

  • ilhaam

    So Facebook didn’t work in the end?

    • RavenCourtney

      It worked; it just wasn’t the best fit for our needs.

    • Shehzad

      ilhaam facebook does. Google counts the social signal in rankings.

  • Srinivasan T

    There was a lot of great information in this article. Fb comment can be a fit, If we are not used correctly. I have been posted many comments by using Fb profile. That always great thing will show on my Fb groups. this one of the way, Social marketer try to get page into the social networks.

  • alexandria scott

    Your insights regarding online marketing and blog posting are very relevant and helpful to us. Your tips on how to make blogs more appealing and realistic are very timely. Your online strategies are what every online marketers need to keep going in this online journey. Surely, you’ve given us a very knowledgeable and practical thought. We will surely apply all our learnings from your blog and continue to share your passion!. Have a wonderful day!

  • Dumitru Bostan


  • heyerok

    is there an article on disqus vs. facebook, vs. other basic commenting systems? looking forward to it. still torn!

  • Shehzad

    Cool. I will recommend my network of adding facebook comments on their blogs.

  • gfh


  • Why did you make the switch to Disqus?

    I’m interested in hearing why?

  • Nabeel Yasin


  • If You want To Give Your Readers All In One Way To Comment Then Check It Out .It Has Facebook Yahoo And Some Others. Use Facebook Yahoo And Google+ Comment system together

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