Case study: How Raven’s smart reporting makes money for one agency

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Regular reports are critical for retaining clients. With them, clients are reassured (even if they don’t read them). Without them, clients wonder exactly what they’re paying you for.

You know this. All smart marketers know this.

On the other hand, reporting is the single most time-consuming, tedious task of the month.

The smartest marketers let Raven take care of all that.

It was Raven’s reputation for simple, fast reporting that attracted the online marketing agency WebMechanix. Kristine Wilson, Marketing Director of WebMechanix, implemented the software for her team’s reporting a few months ago. The time-saving benefits were immediate, she said, but then they discovered so much more.

Read on to find out how Raven’s reports started to help WebMechanix make money, too β€” their creative idea is something we’ve never even considered.

Why WebMechanix loves Raven reports

What was your initial business problem?

We were spending two to three full business days each month reporting for our customers, and we weren’t even sure if the customers were reading these reports or getting anything out of them. We wanted to automate reporting and have a way to track whether or not they had even opened the report to view it.

What solutions were you considering?

We tried the Google Analytics report emailing feature, but a month after we started using it, they rolled out the new Google Analytics interface. Shortly after, we were informed that we would need to reconfigure our reports in the new version of Analytics. That’s when we started looking at other options. We eventually decided to keep the reporting in-house and just train interns to help out with it. That’s when someone at WebMechanix brought up the idea of Raven for reporting.

Kristine Wilson, Marketing Director of WebMechanix

Kristine Wilson,
Marketing Director
of WebMechanix

What was Raven’s biggest selling point for you?

Once we realized that we could report on Analytics, AdWords, Twitter, Facebook AND rankings, and have that one all-encompassing report automatically emailed to our account managers and customers, we were sold.

What do you love about Raven’s reports, now that you’re using them?

That they’re so effortless, but so inclusive!

We used to have to do four different reports to get all of the data we now send to our clients: (1) a Google Analytics report, (2) a Google Adwords report, (3) a rank report and (4) a social media report. Now we can configure one single report within Raven and set up automatic emails.

One copy goes to the account manager automatically on the first of the month, and then another copy goes automatically to the client on the seventh of the month. This way, the account manager gets a chance to see the report and be proactive in contacting the client to say, “Hey, your report should be in your inbox tomorrow. Heads up, traffic is way up! Here’s what we did.”

We include little descriptions so that if a client forgets what something means β€” and you have the descriptions set up with explanations of metrics β€” they can just refer to the description.

And the client can see everything in one comprehensive PDF.

A fresh idea for making money

Have you retained clients specifically because of the Raven reports?

Yes, but even better, we have up-sold clients with Raven reports. Some of them don’t do PPC advertising, so we include a section for it but leave that part of their report blank… which leads them to call and ask about PPC. Once we upsell them, we start earning management fees!

We’ve had a few successes with this so far, and we expect this type of upsell to become fairly frequent.

Easy reporting is just the beginning

Are you exploring other Raven tools?

We chose Raven to simplify reporting and it has done that and so much more. Besides links, we’re now using it for content insights, keyword research, backlink analysis and more.

We recently launched a blogathon campaign for one of our clients, in which we encourage bloggers to write a post and link back to our client. The client’s goal is to raise awareness about size acceptance and self esteem and generate funds for the National Organization for Women (NOW). We’re taking advantage of this campaign to take the Link Manager for a test drive.

We’ve also found that the Research Central tool is really helpful to get a general overview of a potential client’s website.

Do you white label Raven?

Yes. We liked that we had the ability to do that.

What about Raven fits for your team’s workflow?

Everyone has the same data and it’s all in one centralized place, which helps us get rid of the need for some of the 13 million Google Docs we have.

Anything else about Raven that you especially like?

I love the support. It has been an absolute pleasure to talk to every single member of the Raven team on each occasion that I have. And whoever runs the @RavenTools Twitter account deserves a raise or a bonus or something. I’ll shoot out a random tweet about finishing up reporting or something and mention @RavenTools and it literally makes my day when I see a tweet back because it’s always something positive.

Kristine and friend with Raven swag

I actually tweeted recently that my friend got Raven at my suggestion, and the person managing @RavenTools had us so excited when they offered to send us some Raven swag! (Editor’s note: That would be Courtney Seiter, Raven’s Community Manager and general ray of sunshine.)

In three sentences…

If you wanted to recommend Raven to another agency, could you say in three sentences or less why Raven is a good choice?

Raven is a million tools and websites bottled into one! It’s essentially a combination of Google Analytics data, Google AdWords data and keyword tool, Facebook and Twitter insights, results from SEOBook’s Rank Checker, WordTracker keyword research data and Texbroker, sprinkled with some features you’d get from something like SEOmoz (backlink analysis) and Google Docs (ability to have lists of information that my co-workers compile and share with me). Raven Tools is, hands down, the best tool I’ve ever worked with.

Whew, that was a long three sentences!

We like them. Thank you, Kristine.

If you haven’t explored Raven’s reporting system or any of our tools for SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing, sign up for a free, 14-day trial today.

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