5 ways to Storify your social media marketing

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get Storify into Raven’s Tools We Love series. Maybe I just didn’t want to give up the awesome secret of this tool.

ways to storify social media marketing

Storify is an easy and fun (yes, really! I promise!) way to pull together content from all over the social web to create a cohesive story. You drag and drop elements collected via sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google search or even an embedded URL. Then add your own headline, description and body text as needed to flesh out your story.

Once you’re done, it’s super easy to share your content, notify everyone you quoted so they can share it too (take a moment to note how genius that is, please) or embed the story on your own site.

You can Storify anything, from hologram Tupac to Super Bowl commercials to the story behind a Google Doodle. I’ve found five major uses for it at Raven Tools, but I bet you can find lots more that work for your brand.

1. Event coverage

Storify is great for events, whether it’s the first live tweeting of an open heart surgery or, um, Raven’s poker party in Las Vegas (also very important). Particularly if you have photos and/or videos as part of your story, the streamlined interface will make them look great. Once the story is published, you can still go back and edit to update the content.

2. Takeaways from a conference

If you’re in Internet marketing, chances are you go to lots of conferences where there’s live-tweeting and -blogging. A really easy way to pull all that relevant information together is (you guessed it) Storify. Conference attendees will thank you for an easy-on-the-eyes reference to all the good stuff you learned, and you get to bring nice thought leadership to your blog.

3. Positive feedback

Rolling out a new product you know people will love? Want a place to keep track of all the great things people are saying about you on Twitter? Storify’s your jam. I enlisted its help when Raven announced our upcoming Contact Relationship Manager, but it doesn’t have to be an announcement – you can also just pull in all your favorite tweets, Facebook comments or other content for embedding on your site.

4. Recapping a Twitter chat

Good Twitter chats are a blur of great exchanges and, often, lots of useful resources. I use Storify to wrap up Raven’s monthly occasional Twitter chats with special Internet marketing industry guests. The links inside any story are active hot links, so viewers can dive into resources and articles right from the story.

5. Crowdsourcing a topic

I can only assume you’re fully rocking the engagement piece of social media marketing and having lots of awesome conversations with fans and friends all over the web. Put all that stuff into a Storify and you’ve got yourself a shiny new blog post with little to no effort!