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Research competitor domains and identify over 20 different data points from 4 different SEO data sources.

The Best 3-in-1 Competitor Research Tool

As a growing business, you know that the success of your SEO depends on being better than the competition. You want that top spot in the search engines in order to maximize clicks and get the most traffic possible.

That’s why you need a Competitor Analysis tool that lets to see how your competitors are ranking, what keywords they are targeting, and where they’re backlinks are coming from. That way you can tap into these endless opportunities to improve your SEO.

Spy on the Competition

Find New Backlinks

Gain the Advantage

Why turn to several tools when you can have access to all of the Competition Research tools you need in one place?

Raven Tools brings together three of the best competitor analysis tools to give you all the features and data you want – all in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Site Performance: The Side-by-Side SEO + Social Metric Comparison Dashboard

Compare your site’s performance to the competition side-by-side with the Site Performance tool.

View metrics for SEO, overall Site, and Social Media to see how your website measures up to others in your industry.

Does your site speed need a boost? Do you need more backlinks? The Site Performance tool will show you in one easy-to-read report where your website SEO could use improvement.

Track your progress compared to multiple competitors in terms of backlinks, domain authority, site speed, social media shares and likes, and much more. All the data you need to improve your website’s content and SEO.

Keep an Eye on the Competition with Competitor Manager

Save and organize your SEO and marketing campaign competitors in one place. The Competitor Manager makes it easy to see if your SEO efforts are paying off and when it may be time to step up your game.

You can customize the report to show data for Quality, Alexa Rank, Links, Pages, and more. Then, add competitors to Research Central or Site Performance for deeper analysis

Never question where your website stands. Use Competitor Manager to see your site’s status – and your competitors’ sites’ data – at a glance.

Dig Into the Data with Domain Research Central

Spy on any domain in this one-stop competition and keyword research tool.

This robust tool shows you a wealth of data about any competitor. Access the freshest data directly from Moz and Majestic, including:

Generate a complete competition analysis report, complete with helpful graphs, data filters, and comparison tools.

Discover new keyword, find backlink opportunities, build out new content, and improve your overall SEO with the help of Raven Tool’s 3-in-1 Competitor Analysis Tool.

Analyze citation flow, anchor text, link date, and 20+ metrics to give you a leg up on the competition.
Never question the accuracy of your backlink report. Use Link Spy from Raven Tools for your SEO research.

Do you know what strategies your SEO competitors are using and how they rank in Google?

Use Raven Tools to find out!

16+ Competition Metrics to Level Up Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy is only as strong as the data you use, so make sure you have access to the best data with Raven Tools.

The Competitor Analysis Tool shows you over 15 in-depth metrics about any competitor and any domain:

You have all the data you need in order to gain a competitive advantage in the search engines.

Want more? Have access to all of this data and more starting at only $39 per month.

Gain an SEO Edge Over the Competition

Don’t settle in the SERPs – skyrocket to that #1 spot with the help of Raven Tools.

The Competitor Analysis Tool includes three data-driven tools to give you insight into what your competitors are doing well and how you can gain an SEO edge.

Compare your site with the top-ranking domains in your industry and see where your SEO strategy could use a boost.

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