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How to View and Report Google Analytics Goals in Raven

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If you’re tracking Google Analytics goals, you can also display and report this information within Raven.

The good news is with the new Google Analytics integration, all of your goal data are imported automatically.

You can view Goals based on any number of variables: All Traffic, All Referrals, Campaigns, and so on. Just work your way down the left navigation, then click on the Display Options and check each box for which you want to view your Goals data.

Google Analytics integration in Raven tools


Also, if you are tracking Ecommerce in Google Analytics, you can view this data by navigating to Table Content > Summary and checking Ecommerce in the drop down menu.

E commerce tracking in Google Analytics

You can also view conversion data from Advanced Segments and choosing one of the 23 metrics in Raven, everything from Made a Purchase to Organic Traffic to Search Traffic and more.

Advanced Segments in Google Analytics


To report on this data in the Report Wizard, just choose Goals option under Google Analytics and set your parameters accordingly, such as date range, plotting frequency, events and advanced segment.

Goal report wizard in Google Analytics

If you’re new to Raven or want to learn more about our new Google Analytics upgrade, check out our mini-tutorial video series.

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    • RavenCourtney

      Hi Simon,
      You’re right–there were quite a few differences in this process now that we have our new interface. I’ve gone ahead and updated the post–I hope it helps! Let me know if you have other questions!