What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is content that stays relevant as it ages, rather than only being relevant during a season, holiday, or recent news event.

The phrase “evergreen content” references evergreen plants, such as pine trees, which don’t shed their foliage in dry or cold seasons. In the same way, evergreen content is always fresh and green.

The advantage of evergreen content is that it ages well and continues to stay relevant to readers over time. Because of this, people continue to share it, link to it, and read it over time. Search engines use these type of signals, or ranking factors, to know how high content should rank in search engine results pages.

Content that is typically not considered evergreen content includes:

  • Current events
  • Content with outdated references
  • Content tied to a holiday
  • Content tied to a season

For a personal finance blog, an article about filing taxes may only be actionable for a couple months, especially if it references a new tax law. In contrast, an evergreen article on how to spend less money at the grocery store is relevant year-round. Plus, it’s more likely to be relevant to a broad audience for years to come.

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