Twitter metrics tools for quicker Twitter reporting.

Twitter Management Tool

Manage Twitter accounts
for all of your clients

Post, reply, retweet, quote and favorite directly from Raven. Add your custom URL shortener or let Raven compress URLs. Use campaign variables. Quickly switch between accounts. Oh — and worried about sending a message from the wrong account? Keep personal accounts in a separate group.

Twitter Management

View and report key metrics
for smarter strategy adjustments

To be a better social marketer, you need to stay on top of the Twitter techniques that work best. How big is your reach? Are people sharing your posts? What’s changing over time? Most importantly, how are Twitter interactions affecting your website traffic? Learn more about Twitter Metrics and Raven.

Twitter Management

Schedule tweets and view a history
for more productivity

Working with multiple clients? Tackle one client at a time to schedule a series of tweets. It’s helpful to see what you’ve already posted, too, so you’ll find Raven’s history handy. And you can review, edit and delete scheduled posts as needed.

Twitter Management

Use Twitter lists and searches
for targeted marketing

Advanced social media marketers know how useful Twitter lists and searches are. Lists help you focus. Searches help you uncover new influencers or topics. Use Twitter reporting to create, edit and view them directly in Raven.

Twitter Management

Build better relationships
with influencers

Twitter and Raven’s CRM fit tightly together. Create a contact record from Twitter or the CRM using your influencer’s Twitter handle. Then assign yourself tasks to talk to that influencer on Twitter on a regular basis — even retweet their content. They’ll never know you have them on a schedule.

Twitter Management
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