Google AdWords

Raven helps you:
  • Manage, monitor and report on unlimited campaigns
  • Quickly start, pause and stop campaigns in bulk
  • Report performance from the broad to the specific

Google AdWords

Research and manage multiple
campaigns efficiently

Constantly logging in and out of AdWords gets tedious if you have dozens of clients. With Raven, select a different client from a drop-down menu in seconds. Then research and manage your AdWords campaigns and Ad Groups with full functionality. Adjust budgets. Start and pause campaigns. Edit conversion trackers.

Google AdWords screenshot

Report high-level performance
or drill down to specifics

In a few clicks, you can see main settings, budget, bidding strategy, rotation, networks, locations and languages. Even review copy of text ads and images of display ads. Report on your campaigns via the AdWords Metrics tool, or use New Reports to fold AdWords data into a comprehensive client report.

Google AdWords screenshot
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