Raven's Facebook Tools lets you monitor, manage and report metrics for better social marketing.

Facebook Management Tool

Manage Facebook Pages
for all of your clients

Post, reply and Like directly from Raven. Upload images. Quickly switch between accounts. Worried about sending a message from the wrong account? Keep personal profiles separate from your clients’ Pages.

Facebook Management

Quickly view and report
Facebook Insights metrics

Effective Facebook marketing (without purchasing ads) is a moving target. Stay on top of what’s working right now with complete Facebook Insights metrics. Plus, Raven combines your Facebook and Google Analytics data to show you how social interactions are affecting website traffic. Learn more about Facebook Metrics and Raven.

Facebook Management

Stay focused with Raven’s
simple Facebook interface

Focusing when you’re actually on Facebook.com is, well, challenging. Raven’s Facebook tool keeps things simple and clutter-free. You can focus on posting new articles and interacting with customers without being tempted to click on your friend’s 27th’s birthday photos.

Facebook Management

Schedule posts and view a history
for more productivity

Working with multiple clients? Tackle one client at a time to schedule a series of Facebook updates. It’s helpful to see what you’ve already posted — no duplication that way — so you’ll find Raven’s history handy. You can review, edit and delete scheduled updates as needed.

Facebook Management
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