SEO and Social CRM

CRM marketing tools help you build quality relationships for SEO and social outreach.


Build better relationships
for SEO and social marketing

Relationships matter for all types of marketing, but especially online marketing. If you’ve never met your contact in person, it’s important to build common ground. Store as much contact information as you can find, and make notes.

CRM screenshot

Reach out quickly via Twitter
or with email templates

Directly from the CRM tool, you can get in touch with a contact via Twitter or email. Use message templates for faster outreach to multiple contacts. CRM will keep a history of your email interactions via Raven.

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Assign recurring tasks
for regular outreach

Do you frequently run out of time or forget to touch base with your industry’s influencers? Assign yourself a task to follow up with a specific contact on a regular basis. They will remember your frequent interaction without knowing they’re part of your to-do list.

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Import leads from
online forms

A lead is a relationship opportunity that could pay off in multiple ways. Even if you use lead generation programs for sales purposes, go ahead and import lead data into the CRM. You never know when that contact information will come in handy.

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