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Impress clients with
comprehensive marketing reports

A report needs to show you’ve worked hard. It needs to prove that you’re worth paying for. With Raven’s Report Wizard, you can whip up any combination of SEO, social, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and email marketing data in a few minutes. Clients can see exactly how you’ve helped their campaigns succeed.

Raven Reports

Benchmark your progress
with marketing reports on the fly

At any given moment, do you know the status of your campaigns? Does anything look like it’s headed downhill — or is something doing well that needs a little push to be great? Run a quick PDF report from nearly any tool in Raven for an instant progress update. Take action before the end of the month.

Raven Quick Reports

Land big new business
with two short marketing reports

Spend the least amount of time possible on prospective client research — and still leave a great first impression. How? Run two reports: Site Auditor and Site Performance. Then bring the summaries of both reports to your initial meeting. You’ll look like you’ve spent hours in preparation.

Raven Site Auditor Reports

Brand your marketing reports
for that custom feel

Your brand is your baby. We get it. That’s why you can brand every report you run in Raven with your logo, text and color choices. Make that your default option. Then, when you want to deliver the ultimate in personalization, use your client’s logo instead. It’s simple to do, with simple templates.

Raven White Labeled Reporting

Get reports automatically,
on your schedule

Some reports you need to see over and over. Take a few minutes to create and schedule any report, and you’ll never have to run it manually again. Raven can deliver your reports by email as often as you choose, from daily to quarterly. Raven can also track who’s reading your reports — or isn’t.

Raven scheduled reports
As the industry evolves, so do our marketing reports. Stay ahead with Raven. Start Your Free Trial

With smart marketing comes smarter marketing software.

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Custom branding

You’re proud of your company. We respect that. Add your own branding to your account and reports. You can even request a custom domain.

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Campaign management

With one Raven account, you can manage unlimited websites and social networks. Group campaigns and set access rights however you like.

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Team collaboration

Whether your co-worker sits nearby or 1,000 miles away, you’ll see the same data. Communicate quickly with message and task tools.

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Google integrations

Get authorized data directly from Google. Raven integrates Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools for one-stop management and reporting.

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Business development

Have a list of prospective clients? Use Raven’s Research Central, Site Performance and CRM tools to create comprehensive proposals.

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Free support

We won’t leave you hanging. Our customer care team answers every question ASAP. Plus, we provide free, weekly training classes.

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Liqui-Site Designs
Liqui-Site Designs logo

Liqui-Site Designs

“Once we realized that we could have that one all-encompassing report automatically emailed to our account managers and customers, we were sold.”

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Maple North
Maple North Logo

Maple North

“It’s really nice to have multiple users be able to be logged in and know what’s going on with the account at the same time. For an agency, it’s priceless.”

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Parthenon Publishing
Parthenon Publishing logo

Parthenon Publishing

“Link Manager has streamlined our link building processes and given us back our sanity. Raven allowed us to simplify the process from beginning to end.”

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